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My 2019 mantra is to Be Your Best Beautiful, but what does it mean?

To me, it is not just about your hair and makeup, or what you are wearing. It is a holistic concept, feeling good inside and out. So I started thinking, what do I do to feel my best? What could I be doing to feel even better than my best? So here are my top 40 ideas. Full disclosure, I am not doing all of these at any given time, but there are definitely things on this list that I want to start incorporating into my day to day life to help lift my spirit and make me feel beautiful!

You absolutely must comment below with which of these you want to try. Or tell me what you think could be added! Make the commitment, set the goal, and let’s go for it!

  1. Call a friend for a chat
  2. Compliment a stranger
  3. Buy yourself flowers
  4. Try a bright lipstick
  5. Take a walk in the park
  6. Follow a skincare routine morning and night
Remove your makeup EVERY night

7. Wear your favourite jewellery every day

8.Treat yourself to a nice body cream or lotion and use it after you shower

9. Create a playlist of songs that hype you up, for when you need it

10. Rub your feet with lotion before bed

11.Drink lots of water, aim for 2 litres a day

This is what 2 litres feels like

12. Exercise 30 minutes a day (walk, dance, MOVE!!!)

13. Donate unwanted makeup to charity (my next blog is going to tell you how to do this)

14. Massage your face with facial oil once a week

15. Do something creative every day

16. Wear perfume to bed

17. Use a hair mask once a week

18. Make a playlist of chill songs to relax to

19. Create a 5 minute makeup routine to streamline your morning (another upcoming blog!)

20. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables

You can add cake if that helps

21. Sit in a comfy chair with a cozy blanket and burn your favourite candle

22. Set time and money aside each month for a little pamper treat

23. Do a random act of kindness

24. Put your phone away one hour before bed and read a book or magazine

25. Take time on a Sunday evening to plan your week

26. Learn a new skill, YouTube is a great resource

27. Take a social media break

28. Exfoliate your bod once a week

29. Go out to lunch with a friend

30. Use a gorgeous scented hand cream at bed time

31. Meditate for 10 minutes a day

I feel more relaxed already!

32. Write down five things you are grateful for each day

33. Paint your toenails

34. Stretch every morning

35. Always use eye cream

36. Clean your makeup brushes

37. Feel the fear and do it anyway

38. Drink your favourite tea out of your favourite cup

39. Don’t be afraid to be extra


I swear, I wrote 40…. so guess what? You are going to have to come up with number 40! Leave it in the comments, and I will share my favourites!

I hope you have enjoyed my suggestions, and I hope I haven’t come over all GOOP. No-one has time to steam their hoohahs, and it isn’t good for your health anyway! Let me know what you are going to try, and if it is working for you and helping you to feel like the amazing person you are!

Vicky xxx