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There are certain universal makeup issues that seem to happen to every makeup wearing person in this world. No matter how amazing you are, mishaps can and will happen. I’ve made a list of my top 5 common makeup mishaps, and I’m giving you my very best advice on how to fix them. No one will ever know…

Uneven eyeliner

It’s the bane of many a woman’s life, trying to get two perfectly even eyeliner flicks. It is literally the holy grail. Eyeliner is a skill, and it takes time and practice to master it. Do not show fear, because like dogs, eyeliner can sense fear. My top tips – use a gel liner rather than a liquid as it is easier to apply. I love Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner! Use a super fine liner brush, I can recommend the 1.22 My Feliner Brush by MyKitCo. Have some tiny pointed cotton buds (also available from MyKitCo) and micellar water to hand. If your wings are uneven, dip the cotton bud in the micellar water and remove some of the liner until you’ve created the perfect flick.

Smudged lipstick

We all love long lasting lipsticks in bold colours, but what happens if you smudge or smear it? It’s nearly impossible to fix without leaving a trace or stain of colour. We’re going to need those cotton buds and micellar water! Dip the bud in the micellar, lie it on it’s side along the smudge. Then gently roll the cotton bud keeping it in one place without dragging it along the skin. Once you have removed the smudge, touch up the area with your concealer and a small brush. Use your lip pencil to sharpen up the lip line if needed.

Eye shadow too strong

You want that smokey eye. You are totally feeling the smokey eye tonight. You apply the smokey eye. You hate it, but you don’t have time to start again! What to do? Take a dry cotton pad and fold it in half. Buff it gently across your eyelids to remove any excess eyeshadow. Then use a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush and apply a layer of your blusher over the top of the eyeshadow. This should tone down the look to a level you are more comfortable with.

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Eyeshadow drop

Another eyeshadow issue that pops up frequently is the dreaded eyeshadow drop. It usually happens when you are again doing a smokey eye and using black or other dark shades, but it also happens with glittery shades and loose pigments. Although I apply foundation before eye makeup, I always leave the under eye area bare. After I’ve applied the eyeshadow, I then take our friend the cotton bud dipped in micellar water, and I run it underneath the eyes to lift away any droppage. This is also a good way to tidy up any winged out shadow or fix those flicks. I then use concealer under the eyes which creates a really flawless look.

How not to powder your face!

Too much powder

Baking needs to stay in the kitchen and on Drag Race guys. I’m not even kidding. Too much powder is not cute. It can look like a cakey dry mess. What can you do if you accidentally over powder and end up looking dusty? This can be a tricky problem to fix. I would begin by spraying the face with a light mist of hydrating spray, I use Nip+Fab Hydrating Primer spray in my kit. If this doesn’t solve the issue, I would then use a damp makeup sponge and gently press it into the offending areas. You may need to touch up and reset the makeup afterwards, but please go easy on the powder!!!

I hope this list has been helpful for you! What is your most common makeup mishap? Do you need help fixing it? Ask away in the comments, or on my Facebook or Instagram.

May your skin always glow and your eyeliner always be even.

Vicky xxx

Common make up mishaps! Answering your questions x

Posted by Glamorama Makeup on Thursday, 13 February 2020