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wedding hair and makeup liverpool Rachel Joyce Photography

Bridal prep is a super important part of your wedding day, and you may not have realised it yet! Wedding hair and makeup is happening, you are spending quality time before the big event with your nearest and dearest folks. Are you ready to get ready?

You’re getting married! This is a super exciting time and you are planning every little detail about the ceremony and the reception, but have you given thought to the most important part of the day? Your wedding morning bridal prep sets the tone for the day. Close your eyes, can you envision how it is going down? Has a bridesmaid gone AWOL? Are the flower girls running around full of sugar? Is the wedding hair and makeup running smoothly?

As a wedding hair and makeup artist in Liverpool, I am so privileged to be a part of the bridal prep. 2021 marks my tenth year in business, that is a lot of wedding mornings! I have been to every hotel and wedding venue in Liverpool doing bridal hair and makeup, and most on the Wirral and Cheshire. I have also been welcomed into homes all over town. I have loads of experience with bridal prep, about what does and doesn’t work, and I have put together a checklist just for you!

wedding hair and makeup liverpool
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  • Timing is everything. Time literally flies by on your wedding morning. Make a timeline of how you want the bridal prep to go, including who is having wedding hair and makeup done when. I work this out with my brides at their bridal hair and makeup trial so it is one less thing off of their plate.  All of the bridal party need to be showered, dry their hair (unless they are having a blow dry), and teeth brushed before they have their hair and/or makeup done. Ensure everyone is aware of where they need to be at what time. Is your best friend not an early bird? Don’t give her the first spot for wedding hair and makeup. This is key to make sure everything runs smoothly and there is no great rush. 
  • Is there enough space? This is especially important now more than ever during COVID times. There will be lots of people getting ready, and lots of people helping with that process, but only the minimum of people should be in the space for wedding hair and makeup. Your bridal hair and makeup team will need to keep 2 meters away from each other and anyone they are not working on. There needs to be adequate surface space to put out their hair and make-up kits, as well as chairs, mirrors, and access to electric sockets. There needs to be an open window for fresh air and ventilation. At some point, there will be your wedding photographer and maybe videographer in the room. Take time to be sure there is enough room for everyone to work safely and for the equipment needed to do their jobs. 
  • How’s the lighting? Again, key for wedding hair and makeup. I have a light that I bring with me as hotels are not lit for bridal hair and makeup! You should consider your wedding photos and how the lighting could affect them, and how it might affect anyone who is doing their own hair and/or make-up.
  • Where is breakfast? Eating is super important. It is a very long day and you might not have your meal at your wedding venue until 4 pm. Make sure you have something arranged for breakfast for everyone, especially if the champagne is flowing!
  • Can people park nearby? Whether you are getting ready in your hotel or venue, or at home, will there be accessible parking for your wedding party and suppliers? If there are parking restrictions, you need to let people know so that everyone arrives on time. I always check out where I am going and make sure about parking, but I have been surprised a few times and had to park further away than expected, which adds on travel time. You don’t want to be fielding phone calls from your bridesmaids or family to direct them to the best parking nearby. Take the time to google and make sure everyone know where they are going. It is best to know ahead of time.
  • Who is looking after the kids? You may have your own children or nieces and nephews that will play a part on your wedding day. Kids are so much fun, but they do get bored and tired, especially with such an early start. Have a designated child-minder on hand and put together packs for the kids with games, not too messy art supplies, and healthy snacks (definitely don’t load them up with sugar!). 
bridal hair and makeup liverpool

Want your wedding morning to be a Bridechilla situation? Book me for your wedding hair and makeup!

There are so many things you need to think about when planning your wedding, and sometimes you may not realise the little things that are so very important. Setting the scene for your wedding day by having a fun, chilled, and organised start is a big priority. I hope this list helps you to achieve that! If you want more tips on having a super chilled wedding morning, read this blog post. 

Don’t forget you can email me with your questions hello@glamoramamakeup.com or contact me on my Instagram @glamoramamakeup  and I will answer them in an upcoming post.

Vicky xxx

6 Tips for Getting Ready to Get Ready - Wedding Hair and Makeup - Bridal Prep  Rachel Joyce Photography

Wedding Hair and Makeup Liverpool – Bridal Hair and Makeup Liverpool 

6 Tips for Getting Ready to Get Ready - Wedding Hair and Makeup - Bridal Prep Infographic

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