the 7 benefits of having a manicure

When did you last have a manicure? Not just a file and polish, but the full works? Soak, cuticle removal, exfoliation, deep moisture mask, hand and arm massage; these are the components of a full manicure. There are many benefits to having a full manicure regularly, not just physical benefits of better looking hands and nails, but also to your mental wellness. It’s a simple thing you can treat yourself to that will make you both look and feel better!

Benefit #1 – Increases Circulation

Do you find that your hands are often cold? Does the skin on your hands go pale and/or blotchy? This could be a sign of poor circulation. Having manicures on a regular basis may help improve this problem. The soaking, exfoliation, and the massage (that’s the best bit!) will stimulate blood flow into the tiny blood vessels in your hands and fingers. 

Benefit # 2 – Smooths and Nourishes Skin

I think most of us wash our hands frequently in this post-COVID world. We also use a lot of drying antibacterial alcohol gels. This leaves the skin on our hands, including our cuticles, very dry and possibly rough. The manicure is all about replenishing the skin, really hydrating those deeper layers of the skin, and removing any rough patches. Exfoliation followed by a deep moisturising mask then a luxurious hand and arm massage will leave you feeling silky smooth again. 

Benefit #3 – Makes Hands Look Younger

gel polish manicure

It probably goes without saying, but all that deep hydration will make your hands look younger. We might focus on our faces when it comes to skincare, and our hands tend to be neglected. Hands are always a dead giveaway when it comes to aging, so why wouldn’t you do everything you can to keep them looking their best.

Benefit #4 – Maintain Nail Health

Are your nails weak and/or brittle? Regular manicures will rehydrate them and help them grow longer and stronger. The massage will help stimulate blood flow to improve growth. Having the cuticles trimmed and the nail plate buffed will keep them looking clean and tidy. Manicures will help prevent hangnails or dry skin around the nail plate. You may even choose to have a nail strengthening treatment applied at the end of the manicure. If your nails have been damaged by previous enhancements or nail biting, having a course of manicures will definitely help get them back into shape faster.

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Benefit #5 – Boosts Confidence

As humans, we can’t help but want to look our best! Having neat and tidy nails and hands always makes me feel good. It’s something so simple, and only for myself! If you have an important occasion or meeting, having a manicure will make you feel even more confident going into that event with lovely smooth skin, perfect cuticles, and shiny healthy nails.

Benefit #6 – Stress Reduction

I use Skintruth spa manicure products which contain Orange Blossom and Rosemary essential oils. These are known for their balancing, uplifting, and restorative benefits. The act of touch, having someone else pamper you, is a known stress-reliever. The massage action will relax you so much. You will be floating by the end of your manicure!

Benefit #7 – Increases General Sense of Wellbeing

I know I say this a lot, but self-care is self-love. We all feel better when we do something nice for ourselves. I am a firm believer that you must take care of yourself in order to look after your loved ones. There is no shame in doing nice things for yourself, including booking a relaxing beauty treatment on a regular basis. You will feel so much better in yourself just by having this simple treatment. I finish every manicure by massaging my special blend cuticle oil into your cuticles, which contains lemongrass essential oil. This is known for lifting your mood and making you feel happy and stress-free.

I hope you can see the benefits of having a regular manicure! Not only will your hands and nails thank you, but you will feel great for doing the simple act of looking after yourself. 

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