bridesmaids at liverpool town hall wedding

Photo by Lucy Hannah Photography at Liverpool Town Hall

You’ve said “yes” to the big question, and you’ve popped the other question to your nearest and dearest to be a part of your wedding party on your big day. Being a bridesmaid can be a big responsibility, and can sometimes feel a tiny bit stressful. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be too much for your friends or family. How can you make being a bridesmaid as positive an experience as possible and keep everyone happy?

I have been around hundreds of bridesmaids and brides doing wedding hair and makeup in Liverpool, so I have seen lots of different situations, mostly all happy and upbeat! Here are my top tips for keeping your bridesmaids happy (and ultimately you!)…

1. Before anything, choose wisely. Don’t feel obligated to have someone in your wedding party if you know that they cause drama or can be attention seeking or difficult. Just because you have one uni friend as a bridesmaid, doesn’t mean you have to have everyone. Choose those nearest and dearest to you who you know will have your back on your wedding day. I have seen some terrible bridesmaids in my day, who my brides have regretted having as part of their day. You don’t have to have a certain number or match up with the number of groomsmen. If in doubt, leave them out!

2. Watch the spends. We all know attending a wedding can be an expensive undertaking. Buying outfits, gifts, paying for accommodation, babysitters, etc. It all adds up. Even more so when you are a bridesmaid! Think about how much your wedding party is spending, and what their budget realistically allows. Don’t make anyone feel left out or like they are struggling to keep up with the financial side of being a bridesmaid.

photo by Rachel Joyce Photography at Sefton Park Palm House Liverpool

3. Make the intros. This may not always be possible if people are living on opposite sides of the world, but do try to get everyone together before the wedding. Make it a social event that isn’t a party situation like a hen do. Treating your gang to afternoon tea or brunch would be a good shout. Just you and your bridesmaids, so that everyone can have a good chat, get to know one another and gel before the wedding. It also shows that you appreciate what your bridesmaids are doing by being a part of your wedding. If you have someone who is too far away to attend, maybe set up a facetime or Zoom with everyone. Modern technology is just amazing!

4. Book hair and makeup for everyone. This is key to having a nice chilled and fun morning all getting pampered and ready together! I would definitely say that wedding prep time is like a big ole girly party. It always makes me think of when my friends and I used to get ready together before going out on a Saturday! The music, the laughs, everyone just having a ball. There will be no stress about someone not being able to do their hair, or someone not getting their eyeliner even. We are there to make sure you all look amazing all day and night, feel fabulous, and feel relaxed before the wedding kicks off. All you will need to do is have fun, then get dressed and head out!

photo by Madison Picture at Malmaison Liverpool

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5. Set the expectations early. If you will need your bridesmaids to help with wedding planning activities, let them know. Do not assume that they will know what you are expecting of them. Of course, don’t be a demanding bridezilla. Be realistic. But if you need someone to collect the flowers on the wedding day, or double check the table settings, or any of the other wedmin tasks leading up to or on the day, delegate them ahead of time with clear instructions. This is the time to take stock of people’s strengths and delegate accordingly!

6. Give them choices. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, hair and makeup, accessories, shoes, etc. it is really important to let them have input. You may have a perfect bridesmaid dress in mind, but does the style or colour suit everyone? Could you keep them in the same colour but in different styles, or same style in different colours? When it comes to hair and makeup, maybe not everyone suits the same hair do or shades or eyeshadow. Maybe you have a bridesmaid who typically wears very heavy eyes, but everyone else wears very natural makeup. You want everyone to feel comfortable, but still look cohesive. You don’t want one bridesmaid standing out in your photos. We are experts at working with bridesmaids to give them a look they love that sits beautifully with the entire look of the wedding. I would suggest having a conversation with your bridesmaids about how you want your wedding to look, and all come up with some ideas together.

7. Thank them. Show your appreciation to your bridesmaids by genuinely thanking them. A handwritten card each saying how much each person means to you is such a lovely thing. Giving them a thoughtful gift that is suited to the individual is a brilliant way of showing them gratitude. Your bride tribe has (hopefully) been there for you every step of the way and they deserve recognition.

photo by Emma Hillier Photography at Everyman Theatre Liverpool

I must say that I have the most amazing brides, and that they have some fantastic bridesmaids! I love seeing women supporting one another in such a loving and caring way on the wedding morning. I am really grateful to be able to work in such a beautiful industry. I hope these tips will help you on your wedding journey.

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Happy wedding planning!

Vicky xxx