beauty by Glamorama

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a very popular treatment at the moment! They involve isolating each of your eyelashes and applying a single hair with a powerful bonding glue. They fall out with your own natural lashes and can last for several weeks. The initial application takes around 90 minutes, and infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. I use a variety of lengths and curls, blended to give a very natural effect. The results are beautiful, weightless lashes that eliminate the need for mascara. Perfect for brides, or anyone who wants luscious full lashes that are low maintenance! Read my blog for more information about semi-permanent lashes.

Weekend Brows are Glamorama's exclusive treatment for perfect brows that last. I tint the brows before waxing and plucking them to create the precise perfect shape. Then I apply my special semi-permanent and waterproof brow pigment. This treatment is great for all types of brow shapes, whether they be too thick or over plucked, or if you just want to enhance the lovely brows you already have! Ideal if you have a special occasion. Ideal if you love having amazingly perfect eyebrows (and who doesn’t!).

Lash Lift and Tint is a fabulous treatment for those who like the look of false lashes or extensions, but do not like the feel of them. Lashes are permed and tinted, making the eyes look bigger and brighter. It is like mascara that lasts for weeks!

Bluesky UV Gel Polish has an amazing range of gorgeous colours that stay perfect for 2-3 weeks. French Manicure and nail art available on request.