Hottest Nail Trend 2022 - BIAB Nails in Liverpool at Glamorama Makeup

BIAB nails in Liverpool are the latest trend in gel nails! I am really excited to offer this vegan and cruelty-free manicure treatment from The Gel Bottle. Over the last few months, I have been using BIAB on my clients (and myself!) and witnessed how amazing it truly is. Nails are longer, stronger, healthier, and more gorgeous than ever before!

***UPDATE*** I now offer the amazing All in One BIAB from The Gel Bottle! All in One BIAB is a clear BIAB that soaks off the same as gel polish.

What is BIAB? 

BIAB stands for Builder in a Bottle, and essentially is a builder gel that is applied straight from the bottle. I use The Gel Bottle BIAB, which is the original formula, and is both vegan and cruelty-free. It is an alternative to hard gel, acrylic, and poly gel. It is gentler on your nails, causing less damage over time. 

BIAB can be used to sculpt a nail on a form or a nail tip to create a nail extension. It can also be used on your natural nail to give it added strength and flexibility, or as a base coat beneath your gel polish. This enables your natural nails to grow longer and stronger, without causing damage.

Are BIAB nails right for me?

If you want longer and stronger nails that won’t break easily, BIAB is definitely for you! If your own nails are weak, if they bend and break easily or are brittle, you will love BIAB. It encourages your nails to grow longer, or you can maintain a shorter length. Are you a nail biter??? You absolutely need BIAB in your life! You will not be tempted to nibble your nails with this strong gel layer. 

BIAB comes in a range of nude colours and can be worn alone or used as a base coat for gel polish. I have many gel colours for you to choose from, including glitter and metallic shades. The BIAB can be infilled, I recommend every 2-3 weeks. I will buff the gel colour off of your nails, infill the growth gap with fresh BIAB gel, and brush it over the top of the rest of the nail. Finishing off with colour and top coat, then massaging cuticle oil in to nourish your nails. 

NEW All in One Clear BIAB by The Gel Bottle is ideal as a base coat for gel polish. It’s also great on its own as a nail strengthener. It can be topped with a matte top coat to give a totally natural nail look, perfect if you aren’t allowed to wear nail colour at work. You will reap all of the benefits of BIAB nails that will enable you to grow longer and stronger nails and stop them from flaking and breaking.

Benefits of BIAB Gel

  • Adds strength and flexibility to natural nails
  • Won’t chip or lift
  • Can be worn alone or with gel colour
  • Helps nails grow longer and stronger
  • Stops brittle nails from snapping
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free manicure 
BIAB NAils Liverpool with red Vegan Gel Polish Manicure

How can I maintain my BIAB nails?

Infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. I recommend that you use a cuticle oil every night to keep your nails healthy and stop them from becoming dry. I make my own special blend cuticle oil, available to purchase for £5 when you book your nail appointment. Wear gloves when cleaning or washing up because cleaning products can cause dulling and discolouration. Do not pick at your nails! These will need to be professionally removed by soaking off. Like any gel polish treatment, if you pick them off it will damage your nails in a terrible way that will take ages to grow out.

I offer a range of vegan beauty treatments in my beauty studio at Kathryn Kavanagh Salon! Click here to find out more.

How much is BIAB?

I offer the following BIAB Nails in Liverpool:

  • BIAB (including file and cuticle work) – £30
  • BIAB with Vegan Gel Polish – £37
  • BIAB Mini Manicure (with gel polish) – £39
  • BIAB Manicure (with gel polish) – £46
BIAB nails Liverpool with Nude gel polish

How do I book BIAB Nails in Liverpool?

Easy booking online using my booking system or ring the salon on  0151 722 9900

BIAB Nails are the hottest nail trend in Liverpool at Glamorama Makeup! I hope I have answered any questions you might have about BIAB nails, but if I haven’t, pop them in the comments or get in touch on my Instagram . Looking forward to seeing you in the salon soon! Vicky xxx