How to tint your brows at home

Lockdown regulations are gradually being lifted, but salons and spas will not be open again for at least one month. I am going to show you how to tint your brows at home, using the Eylure Pro-Tint dye kit.

How to tint your brows at home

Before you tint your brows at home, always patch test dyes 48 hours before using to check for any sensitivities or allergies. Mix a small amount of tint and activator and apply with a cotton bud in the crook of your elbow or behind your ear. Allow to dry and do not wash off for at least 24 hours. If there is any redness, swelling, irritation, or itching, do not use the tint.

Secondly, do not apply the brow tint after plucking or waxing your brows. The hair follicles will still be open and the product may get inside and cause irritation.

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Equipment needed to tint your brows at home:

  1. Eylure Kit
  2. Small old lip brush or paint brush (if you have it)
  3. Eyebrow pencil
  4. Cotton Buds
  5. Tissues
  6. Cotton Pads
  7. Water

Step 1 – Map out the shape of your brow that you want to achieve with a brow pencil

Step 2 – mix the tint and activator in the plastic tray provided in the kit

Step 3 – apply the tint using a small brush or cotton bud, keeping it within the shape you drew

Step 4 – leave for 5-10 minutes to develop

Step 5 – use damp cotton pads to wipe away the tint until the pads are clean

Once you have tinted your brows, you can then trim and tweeze to get the shape perfect.

I hope this blog and video have been helpful to you in learning how to tint your brows at home. If you have any questions, pop them in the comments section or let me know on

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brow tinting infographic
How to tint your brows at home