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Makeover Your Makeup

Do you have a makeup bag full of cosmetics that you never use? Do you feel like you have been misled by sales people at makeup counters into purchasing products that aren’t right for you or you don’t know how to use? Have you bought makeup and/or skincare online, only to be disappointed or unsure when they arrived? I am here to help you!

My Makeover Your Makeup Bag class is a personalised one to one online service. There is no BS or sales tactics, just honest and practical advice and guidance. Think of it as your makeup concierge service, you literally have access to my beauty mind full of over 16+ years of experience with makeup and skincare.

Vegan Makeup Artist and Beauty in Liverpool - Glamorama Makeup

During your 90 minutes with me we will cover…

  • Product hygiene and expiry dates
  • Choosing the correct skin care and skin prep for your skin type
  • The tools of the trade and how to use them and take care of them
  • Choosing the right product textures and colours for you and your skin
  • Creating and applying your everyday basic look that you can then build on


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Your personalised lesson includes:

  • A pre-lesson questionnaire so that I can design the class around you
  • 90 minute one to one Zoom lesson
  • Face chart including products that we used and product recommendations (emailed to you)

This is no ordinary makeup lesson, this is a personal service that gives you the skills to take your makeup to the next level! Unlike YouTube tutorials, all of the products and techniques we will use will be specific to you and your needs.

Do you know that YouTube Influencers are paid by brands to use their products in their tutorials?

That is why they layer so many primers, concealers, foundations, powders etc. More money in their pockets! They can earn hundreds of pounds per product that they use.

Can you really trust their opinions?

I am running morning and afternoon sessions Monday-Saturday. The introductory price is £29, which includes the preliminary questionnaire,  90 minute lesson, and face chart.

Once you have completed this lesson, you may want to book additional classes focused on specific skills. There will be more information about these at a later date!

Improving your makeup skills will boost your confidence, save you money by educating you on products that are best for you, and enhance your creativity with makeup. So what are you waiting for? Makeover Your Makeup Bag with me!

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Vegan Makeup Artist and Beauty in Liverpool - Glamorama Makeup