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makeup for zoom calls blog post black woman making a zoom call on her desktop computer

Video conferencing has become a staple of pandemic life. We may be using it for work, to visit with family or friends, or maybe even to date! You may not want to bother with makeup for Zoom calls, and that is absolutely okay. But if you feel that it will help you during these times, I am giving you my professional makeup advice for looking your best on Zoom calls. 

makeup for zoom calls woman with pink hair taking a zoom meeting on her laptop. She is wearing a white shirt and glasses.

How to do Makeup for Zoom Calls

Skin Care

If you want the best makeup for zoom calls, you need to start with skin care. If you have been following my blog or Instagram videos, you will know by now that I believe skin care is the foundation to great looking makeup. If your skin is hydrated and nourished, your makeup will come so much easier and look so much better. Eyes are important on video calls, you can look brighter and fresher by using eye masks such as Pixi Beautif-eye Patches before your makeup. When applying your serum and/or moisturiser, massage it into your skin well to increase circulation. This will make your skin look plumper, smoother, and more radiant.

Check out my skincare recommendations on my DIY Luxury Facial blog if you’d like more advice. 

Use your camera as a mirror

This next tip is one of my best makeup tips for on camera. Do your makeup on the camera you will be using for your call, on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Try to do it in the same place that you will be making your call so that the lighting will be the same. This will give you an accurate representation of how you will look. Looks on camera and looks in the mirror are two distinctively different things! Try it yourself and see.

a woman with blonde hair waving hello on a zoom call on a laptop screen

Soft luminosity

The “glowing from within” look is always a good shout. It is an especially flattering makeup for zoom calls. Using a luminous primer or mixing a dewy serum into your foundation will help you achieve this look. My Skinimilism blog has lots of gorgeous product reviews to help you achieve your best glow up. I would also recommend dabbing on a sheer hit of cream blusher and layering a shimmer powder blusher like Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush over the top. 

Woman with brown hair wearing ear buds and holding a coffee cup. She is on a zoom call on her laptop.

Concealer/Color Correction 

Video cameras pick up on discolourations quite easily, so covering any redness or shadowy areas is a good idea. You need to consider this when doing your makeup for zoom calls. Apply a colour corrector in thin layers on specific areas with a small brush. Use yellow or olive greens to tone down redness or cancel out blemishes. For dark circles, pat on a salmon pink corrector. If you have dark areas of pigmentation, lilac will brighten them. This Le Maqpro Palette will correct any discoloration that exists. Apply your concealer or foundation over the top for a flawless appearance.

Sheer foundation

Full coverage, matte foundations appear mask like and flat on camera. It is better to colour correct and conceal any imperfections, and then apply a beautiful sheer foundation. I love Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro, it covers and looks like beautiful skin. It is a professional MUAs cult favourite, photographs beautifully and looks amazing on video. It has the bonus of being long wearing and waterproof, which is why I love it for bridal makeup! Apply your foundation with a wet beauty blender in fine layers and check how it’s looking in the camera.

two women are talking on a zoom call on a desktop computer.

Warm up

Video cameras can wash you out. Warm up your complexion with some bronzer. This Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer is gorgeous for a hint of sunny colour, plus it smells like suntan lotion and makes you think of beachy holidays to come. Sweep across the forehead, tops of cheekbones, and down the nose. Wherever the sun kisses you naturally. Alternatively, brush it under your cheekbones and along your jawline if you want a more sculpted look. 

Chunky headbands 

You may be wanting to know how to do makeup for zoom calls, but your hair is also important. Hands up for the grey and/or dark roots club! A big chunky headband will hide your true hair colour if you aren’t quite ready to show it off to the world. I’ve become a massive fan of the chunky headband during lockdown! They are also good if you’ve not washed your hair. And they frame your face so nicely on camera too.

Woman with brown hair that is parted in the middle. She is on a zoom call on her phone, Her phone is on a holder in the center of a ring light.

Lights, camera, action

One of my best makeup tips for zoom is to be sure you are lit well. Natural daylight is best, so position yourself facing a window if possible. However, some people are working from Harry Potter’s cupboard. I have this fab clip on ring light which I absolutely LOVE from Amazon. I use this for my weekly Instagram Live chats, for my online makeup lessons on my laptop, and even for just applying makeup on a day to day basis. I love that you can adjust the temperature and brightness of the light. It easily clips onto any surface and has a bendable neck to get it in the perfect position.

Woman with brown hair parted in the center. She is wearing a pinstripe blouse and red lipstick and glasses. She is waving hello on a zoom call on her laptop.

Video conferencing will be around long after the pandemic restrictions are eased, as many companies will have their staff working from home permanently. I hope that my tips for best makeup for zoom calls will help you to feel more confident if that is what you need. Being on camera can feel very daunting, and it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious about how you look. 

How do you feel about virtual meetings? Do you do makeup for zoom calls? Let me know in the comments or Instagram @glamoramamakeup

Peace, love, and lippy,

Vicky xxx

makeup tips for zoom calls
makeup for zoom calls

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