Are you planning a vegan wedding in Liverpool? Are you just trying out Veganuary? Or do you just love animals? Read on to find out my favourite vegan wedding hair and makeup products!

It’s January, and that means lots of people are trying out the vegan lifestyle and seeing the benefits of avoiding animal products. I get more and more requests from vegan hair and makeup clients, and I am proud to say that last year I committed to a cruelty-free hair and makeup kit going forward. I have been a vegetarian since I was 17, so it is a topic that is important to me. With the exception of a few products containing beeswax and some natural hair brushes, my kit is mostly vegan friendly makeup. I can easily accommodate vegans who book their makeup and hair services with me.

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Using cruelty-free and vegan products means that I need to look at smaller indie brands mostly. This is because larger brands such as Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, and P&G retail their products in China, which requires all cosmetics to be tested on animals. These brands also own many of the makeup brands you see on the high street, almost all of them in fact. Even brands that advertise their cruelty-free ethos like Urban Decay, NYX, Becca, and so many more may be owned by these huge corporations that are supporting animal testing. I just can’t jive with that! Luckily, there is a growing market for ethical beauty, and lots of up and coming brands that are all about this. Here are some of my favourites that I LOVE using for wedding hair and makeup!

Zoeva Palettes and Brushes

Zoeva are a brand based in Germany that now ships worldwide. They have a commitment to create affordable, high-quality makeup, brushes and tools to help women all over the world celebrate their individual beauty. This is definitely what I am all about, helping you to Be Your Best Beautiful! I have been using the eye shadow palettes, blusher palettes, and vegan brushes in my kit for years now. They never disappoint!

Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner and Beyond Powders

Illamasqua has been at the forefront of ethical beauty since they began 10 years ago. Their Precision Gel Eyeliner is my go to for perfect flicks, but also for the deepest, smokiest eyes. It is completely water proof, absolutely amazing stuff. Their Beyond Powders are the most wonderful highlighters I have ever used, and my clients are completely obsessed with them. If you haven’t tried them, you definitely need them in your life!

Sample Beauty Glow and Go Liquid Highlighter

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Sample Beauty are a relative new indie brand, which are actually based in Liverpool! I discovered them a few months ago after seeing their products in action at a masterclass by makeup artist James Malloy. I ordered these liquid highlighters and OMG!!!! They are absolutely stunning. I love the soft gold one especially, I mix it with foundation to give an ethereal all over glow to the skin. PLUS, it is only £3.95!!!!! What a bargain. Their palettes and pigments are also very, very special. Highly recommended to the world!

Pierre Rene Skin Balance Foundation

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This European brand caters to professionals in film and televison, but I absolutely adore their products. This foundation is absolutely gorgeous, it gives an excellent buildable coverage that sets to a waterproof finish. But it doesn’t look or feel matte like many long wearing foundations, and it won’t dry out your skin. It is available in global skin ranges, so easy to find your perfect shade. Simply brilliant!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

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Those of you who follow me know that I am all about soft, glowing skin, especially when it comes to bridal makeup! This product which debuted last year, is the holy grail of that glowing from within look. I use it as a primer, it evens out the skin tone instantly, hydrates, and plumps. It is like a magic potion that blurs away lines and imperfections, and gives the skin a soft radiance. It really is that good. I mean it.

Revolution Pro Fix Setting Spray

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My secret weapon for bulletproof wedding makeup is using a good setting spray! I love this vegan spray because it is an absolute bargain, only £5 from Superdrug. It is just as good as setting sprays which are times the price. Top tip for oily skin, lightly spray your foundation brush or beauty blender with setting spray when applying your base.

Evo Hair

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Transitioning to cruelty-free/vegan and ethical beauty products is much easier to do in relation to makeup and skin care than hair products. After some research, I discovered Aussie hair care brand Evo. I invested in their styling range for my kit. Not only are the products amazing in their performance, they smell luscious. I especially love the Mister Fantastic blow out spray, and Helmut hair spray.

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration in regards to cruelty free and vegan beauty brands! And if you are a vegan bride, or a bride who loves ethical, cruelty-free beauty, get in touch to discuss your wedding makeup and hair needs! I have some 2019 dates still available and am also booking into 2020 weddings.

Are you doing Veganuary this year? Tell me how it’s going in the comments!