nail rehab treatment liverpool

Is my new nail rehab treatment for you? Our nails are often overlooked even though we do so much with them. They are used and abused every day. Sometimes they provide comfort through nail biting and it becomes a bad habit that can be hard to break. Or perhaps you have abused your poor nails through the use of acrylic nails or overzealous application of gel nails. If your nails are bitten, or paper thin, weak, splitting, I have created a new nail rehab treatment package that will whip them into shape using strengthening and repairing treatments, plus BIAB. I want your nails to be longer, stronger and healthier than they have ever been!

Are you a chronic nail biter? You need nail rehab treatment!

Nail biting can be quite an embarrassing habit, and it is also very bad for your health. You can pick up germs that are hidden beneath your nails, and broken skin and cuticles can leave you open to infections. I was a terrible nail biter in my youth, and it took getting acrylic nails to stop me biting (although the damage they caused wasn’t great!) Do you want to break the cycle, but don’t know how? Let me help you through my new 8 week rehabilitation. 

nail biting treatment liverpool

Do you have nails that are weak, thin, and/or splitting? You need nail rehab treatment!

Whether it is through damage from previous nail treatments, your occupation or lifestyle, or you are just genetically predisposed to having weak nails, I can help you grow longer and stronger nails. We’ll take your flimsy talons and get them hard as literal nails in just a few weeks.

nail biting rehabilitation liverpool

What does the nail rehab treatment programme involve?

The course of treatment will be across 8 weeks, so I will need you to commit to your appointments and to stop nail biting, picking, or any other damaging behaviours. The first 4 weeks will involve weekly appointments, and the following 2 appointments will be fortnightly. I will pamper your hands to the point that you will not want anything to make them look less than beautiful, and you will want to maintain them always!

Week 1 

We will start with a consultation and assessment of your current nail health. We will set goals for what you’d like to achieve during your nail rehabilitation. You will then receive a full manicure and a strength and repair treatment. You will take home my custom blend cuticle oil, hand cream, and aftercare advice.

Week 2

We will check your progress from week 1 before doing a cuticle soak and tidy and strength and repair treatment, followed by application of a sheer nude nail varnish and top coat.

Week 3 

Another progress review, followed by another full manicure, strength and repair treatment, and sheer nail varnish with top coat.

Week 4 

We’re halfway there! Progress check, then cuticle soak and tidy. We will now progress to BIAB application, followed by a gel polish colour of your choice.

Week 6 

Progress review, cuticle soak and tidy, removal of gel polish colour, BIAB infill/rebalance, gel polish colour of your choice.

Week 8 

Graduation week! We will celebrate your success with a full manicure, removal of gel colour, BIAB infill/rebalance, and gel polish PLUS your choice of glitter or nail art!!! 

nail rehab treatment liverpool

What are the products used?

I use Skin Truth Luxury Manicure products, which smell incredible and make your skin silky smooth and sift. I will be using IBX strengthen and repair system to mend your nails from the inside out for the first few weeks of your treatment. We will then move on to BIAB, Builder in a Bottle. BIAB is a very popular strengthening overlay for nails. It is gentler and less damaging than acryilcs, and allows hydration and nourishment to reach the nail plate. You can read more about BIAB here. I use The Gel Bottle BIAB and Gel polishes. I finish off with my hand blended cuticle oil which I make myself enriched with Vitamin E to promote nail health.


The 8 week course of treatment is £199 (£245 value). You can pay in one go, or in two installments of £99.50 (second installment due week 4). Some clients may wish to extend the programme beyond the 8 weeks, this will be at additional cost and we can discuss during your treatment. 

As always, I only use vegan cruelty-free nail products and treatments. 

There has never been a better time to start looking after your nails and give them lots of TLC. It is a form of self-care, taking time to do something positive for yourself and for your health. I really can’t wait to work with you and see your progress as your nails grow longer, stronger, and look better and better each week. This is such an exciting treatment that will make a huge difference to your life!

Are you ready to do this?

If my 8 Week Nail Rehab Treatment Programme to stop nail biting or repair damaged nails is speaking to you right now, do not hesitate. Let’s get you started on the journey to better nail health. Complete the form below to get started and I will be in touch.

This is going to be a VERY popular treatment, especially in the run up to Christmas. Don’t delay! Set off on the path to the beautiful nails and hands you have always wanted. I can’t wait to help you along the way!

Any questions? Please comment below, email me, or hit me up on Instagram @glamoramamakeup

Vicky xxx

nail rehab treatment liverpool