My skincare routine (at the moment)

Today, I have good skin. I feel it is smooth, hydrated, and plump. Not too oily. Still have some millia (bane of my life), but not too bad. I have recently started using some nSpa products from ASDA and I have really noticed a change in my skin! So I thought I would write about what my current skincare routine involves.


I cleanse in the shower with Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Soap and tone with Clinique Clarifying Lotion number 3. This combination has helped me with my millia problem a lot, so I am happy to stick with it, although I find it too harsh to use twice a day. I then apply Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum, Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum, and Advanced Time Zone Moisturiser for Normal/Combination skin types. I have used all of these products for many years and absolutely love them.


I remove my make up with Loreal Micelleur Water, which I have recently discovered. I used to use the Lancome version, but I am afraid the Loreal wins with it's £3 and does exactlly the same thing!!! I use it in my kit as well, absolutely beautiful product which dissolves make up, cleanses and tones in one step. Ideal for lazy girls and much better than the dreaded baby wipes! However, I do cleanse after with my new favourite things: nSpa Melting Cleanisng Gel and Hot Cloth Polish. The smell and texture of these two products is gorgeous, and they leave my skin feeling so soft and clean.I then apply my Advanced Night Repair serums for face and eye and my good old Advanced Time Zone.


I have tried lots of face masks over the years. I love the tightening and deep cleansing feel of a "mud mask". My all time fave is a St. Ives one which was blue and smelled like toothpaste. I used it religiously as a teenager, but I have never seen it in the UK. I must buy some when I am visiting my family next week! And some Noxema. And some Sea Breeze astringent. I picked up nSpa's 5 minute Magic Mask and Deep Hydrating Facial Oil last week and tried them on Thursday. At first, I didn't feel like the mask did anything for me. Although it containd kaolin, it did not dry tight and make me feel like it was sucking the deeply inground make up that most certainly exists in my pores. But when I rinsed it off, my skin looked incredible. It GLOWED. Like REALLY REALLY GLOWED. Beautiful radiance, like angles shining tiny torches out of my teeny tiny very refined pores. I then massaged a couple drops of the facial oil into my skin. 3 days later and my skin is still glowing and soft, smooth, and not greasy!

In summary, I love the nSpa stuff. I look forward to trying more from the range. I highly recommend Advanced Night Repair, best stuff in the world for your skin. I am going to the states on Friday, so I am sure I will discover some delicious new skin care treats while I am away and all of this will change. Now I am off to slap some more of that mask made of fairy dust and angel wings onto my face!!!

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