My Holiday Haul!

I went to visit my family in good old Cincinnati for 2 weeks. Just got back yesterday, slept 15 hours last night, and am now feeling fresh! My plan while I was away was to raid Sephora, Ulta, Target, Walgreens etc for every single little beauty gem I could get my hands on. It did not happen that way. Entertaining a 2 year old and watching all of my extra luggage space being taken up my clothes and toys for him did happen. However, I did manage a few little buys. I stocked up on Maybelline Baby Lips, they have so many more colours in the states!!!! Also Maybelline Great Lash and Color Tattoo Eye Shadows. I also picked up some L'oreal Mascaras, and I now am IN LOVE with Volume Million Lashes Excess. I nabbed some Tweezerman Pink Ribbon Tweezers at Sally's, along with some Retinol face serum and wipes to try and banish these pesky lines I keep finding. I also got a bargain pair of Ardel Feather Lashes for an upcoming bodypainting project and a dual sided pure boar bristle brush for my hair kit. Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask was also purchased!!! At Sephora, I got some Keihl's Night Peel serum, Laura Mercier Primer, Tinted Moisturiser and Secret Concealer and brushes. Also an OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet which I have been trying to get for ages. My mom bought me the Estee Lauder Mad Men Make Up Collection (the first one) and I have been dying to get it from her! I bought some lippies and various eyeliners as well.

Overall, I found prices very comparable to what we pay in the UK for premium products, with drugstore brands running cheaper. I was surprised by the pricing! I decided not to buy any Make Up Forever from Sephora because it would be cheaper to buy it here with my pro discount!

What are your favourite buys when you go stateside?

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