My quest to paint all of the baby bumps!

I am on a mission to make baby bump painting a must have for every pregnancy! So PLEASE share this link on your facebook and/or twitter! Tell all of your pregnant friends about this beautiful new trend! I would also love to know your opinion, so please comment below.

I love body painting. I especially love painting baby bumps. It is relaxing for the mother-to-be, I find it incredibly relaxing as well. And there is something very special about collaborating with an expectant mother to create a special work of art that will be a unique keepsake of her pregnancy. I always speak with the client and we gather ideas before I create a design just for them. The painting itself takes about 1 1/2 hours depending on the design. I always ensure the mother is comfortable throughout the process, and I use the best quality body paints.

People have mixed feelings about the bump painting. Some find it strange and unusual, most think it is a beautiful idea. A lot of people ask what it is for? Baby bump paintings are ideal for baby showers or for a maternity portrait. Many women are booking maternity portrait shoots with a professional photographer, and having a beautiful work of art on your bump would be a lovely addition. I am also happy to recommend some of the photographers I work with regularly.

For more examples of my baby bump paintings

click here.

My fee for bump painting starts at £40 depending on the design. This includes a consultation prior to the painting so that I may create the design.

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