Crave vs Save - YSL Baby Doll vs L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess

We are all pinching pennies in the run up to Christmas, so I have decided to share some dupes of more 'luxury' (i.e. pricey) cosmetics with you, tried and tested by me!

First up, mascara. We have the very popular new Baby Doll Mascara by YSL which retails at £24.50. It has a patented brush and clump free formula that defines every lash giving length and volume from root to tip. The brush is rubberized with longer and shorter bristles that prevent cumping. It is smudge and smear proof as well. I have tried a sample ofthis and it was absolutely lovely. It defined, plumped, and lengthened my stubby lashes and I did not need to use my trusty lash primer! Also, no smudges after a day of wear!

Whilst I was on holiday in America visiting my family, I needed a new mascara. My mom gave me a new one that she had, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess. One use, and I was in love. It retails at less than half of the Baby Doll price at only £10.99. It gave me the same effect, and the brush is virtually the same. The mascara itself seemed blacker and glossier as well. This will now be my go to mascara for myself and my kit forever and ever and ever! (Until I fall in love with something new that is...)

YSL is owned by L'Oreal Cosmetics, so it is not a surprise to find a very similar mascara within their drugstore line. Trouble with drugstore brands is that you cannot always try before you buy, and I would never try a drugstore mascara tester even if their was one available! It is always worth doing a little research before splurging on an expensive luxury mascara.

What is your mascara of choice at the moment?

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