Crave Vs Save - Micellar Water Edition - Bioderma Dupe!

Whilst doing my online grocery shopping on Asda a couple of months ago (I have a 2 1/2 year old, online grocery shopping is my saviour!) I noticed L'Oreal Micellar Water. It was only £2 and I thought, "Why not? Let's give this a whirl!". Every makeup artist knows and has used the cult Bioderme Micellar Water, which has recently started being sold in the UK. I wanted to see how the much cheaper L'Oreal Micellar compared.

Micellar waters are a very gentle all in one cleanser and toner. They contain very small molecules of oil (micelles) which are suspended in water. These molecules disolve makeup and dirt on the surface of the skin, thus providing a quick and efficient cleanse that doesn't irritate or dry. And because it is pH balanced, no need to follow with a toner! It has long been used backstage and on set by MUAs and is great for quick removal of even heavily applied makeup.

The L'Oreal version retails at £2.00 for 200 mls at Asda at the moment. The Bioderma 250 ml bottle is £9.99 on I have used both products and have found that the L'oreal has the same texture and works just as effectively. I have used it on myself and on set and I am really impressed with it! The bottle is not very kit friendly as the top could flip open and cause a spill, but it is easily decanted. This is now my go to makeup remover! Highly recommended.

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