Crave vs Save -- Lime Crime Velvetine Pink Velvet Dupe

Lime Crime is a cult US brand which is cruelty free. One of their most popular products is their Velvetine range of matte lip creams. It come in 3 shades, Red Velvet, Suedeberry, and the new Pink Velvet which I think is going to look great this Spring. It has a rich, creamy texture that dries to a velvet matte finish. Long lasting, and not drying on the lips. They retail at £13.50 from

Recently, MUA Cosmetics released a "Luxe" extension to their super cheap yet super amazing line of makeup. This includes their Velvet Lip Lacquers, which are a big ole dupe of the Lime Crime Velvetines and come in 5 shades. I picked up the bright pink "Criminal" on my last trip to Superdrug, and found it to be fantastic and nearly the exact shade and texture of the Lime Crime Pink Velvet! The main differences are that the MUA version takes longer to dry down to a matte finish, so remains a bit tacky for a few minutes. Also, with wear, the MUA version tends to disappear on the inner, moist bits of my lips faster than the Lime Crime, however it did look perfect for 5+ hours, through eating and drinking as well. For £3, you cannot grumble. You can buy the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer, which is also cruelty free, from

The swatches in the photo show the Lime Crime Pink Velvet on the top, which looks richer and defo more matte straight away. The bottom swatch is the MUA Velvet Criminal, which had yet to dry so you can see the slight shine from the flash.

You can find a list of cruelty free cosmetic brands here

Have you tried the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers yet? What shade would you recommend for me to try next?

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