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I have had the privilege of meeting and working with an extraordinarily talented up and coming 19 (!) year old photographer Gabriella Csutor. I arranged a makeover pamper session shoot for one of my private clients with Gabby, and I just loved the way she makes her clients feel. She is so relaxed and really brings out both the inner and outer beauty of her subjects. She uses her photography to make women feel good about themselves, just as I do with my makeup. I asked her to write a blog for me about her love of photography.

As a woman myself, every day I battle thorough emotions, each day i look in the mirror while I get ready and point parts out of myself that I don't like and what I need to change. Then for the rest of the day I eat myself over it! Being a woman/girl is HARD, but I know I am not alone. There are many women going through this each day! So my job is to stop this and to help lots of woman of all ages love themselves, for who they are and not what society says women should be.

Ladies, I offer you a personal pamper session and girls day out for women of all ages and the people who love them. Beauty is not always just on the outside, it can also be like a vase of flowers which shows our inner rose. I invite you to a personal pamper session with myself, it will change the way you see yourself and the people around you. I see many woman who walk through my studio shaking because they are so nervous and scared. Ladies, I assure you I am there with you while you get your hair and make up done, and I will be there on the other side of the camera directing you and telling you how beautiful you are! Yes, I tell you how beautiful you are because you need to hear it! And when you hear it you then believe it and it shows through our personal session and it does change the way you see yourself!

This is why I am a photographer, this is why I love my job so much and this is why when I hear bad things said about my images for a second I believe it, but I have two choices: to let the words take over or to think and say no, I am good at what I do, I love what I do, I love helping people see how beautiful they are and there is nothing in this world I would want to do other than to create beautiful images!

With Love

Gabriella x

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