As my first wedding of 2014 approaches, I just wanted to share my thoughts about being a wedding makeup artist. I have been very privilaged to be involved in so many weddings over the last 10 years that I have been a professional makeup artist. The first wedding hair and makeup that I ever did was for my BFF Andrea back in 2003. It took me ages to curl and pin her gorgeous long blonde hair into so many pin curls! My speed has improved greatly since then, I am happy to say! (She did make it to the ceremony on time in case you were wondering.)

It is an incredible experience doing a wedding. You have to be patient, meticulous, yet fast. You must be a time keeper, ensuring the moments leading up to the main event run smoothly and to time, whilst maintaining an air of calm for the bride and her friends and family. I have had to be an emergency seamstress on more than one occassion, always handy to have a sewing kit available! I love being a part of the day, especially sharing in the joy of all involved. It is wonderful to see how the makeup/hair I create comes together once the dress, tiara, veil etc. is all in place. I also love the fact that these brides become loyal clients, and I get to see them time and time again!

Above is a photo of the beautiful Katie Roach, who got married on November 8 last year. The photo was taken by Zoe Photography. Click here to see more photos from Katie's wedding where I did the bridesmaid's and mother of the bride as well.

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