I Heart It - L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Review

I hate my hair. Like really, really despise it. So much so, I have been torturing it for over two decades. From around the age of 11, I subjected it to home perms, Aqua Net (America's answer to Insette for those who don't know), curling irons, hot rollers, Sun-In, even straight up pharmaceutical peroxide. It has been dyed various shades from burgundy to pumpkin orange, and bleached bleached bleached. It is no wonder that now, in my (ahem) mid 30's, It is super fine, even sparse in areas, and scattered with greys courtesy of my 3 year old (I swear they weren't there before he came along!). I hate my hair, and now it seems to hate me too.

I have tried all sorts of combinations of hair products to try and revive my dying follicles. Aveda Invati and Pure Abundance seemed to make my hair a dry mess, as did Nioxin. I have oily roots and dry, colour treated ends, so neither seemed to be great for my hair type. Ojon Volume Advance range worked okay for me, but buying the shampoo, conditioner, volumising spray and styling cream was too costly to maintain on my budget. I did stick with the shampoo and conditioner though, until I saw this new range from L'Oreal a couple months ago.

I read about Elvive Fibrology in a magazine somewhere, and it was a glowing review. I sought it out and bought the shampoo, conditioner, masque, and boosting serum. I could tell a difference right away after the first use! It smells gorgeous and has a really luxurious texture. I let my hair air dry naturally, which would normally leave it lank and listless. But this looked BETTER. My colour processed blonde actually had shine, and dare I say a bit of BODY! I was very impressed. The next day I washed again, this time using the masque and super boosted with the boosting serum. I must admit, I did that combo for a solid week in an effort to thicken my hair as quickly as possible. The results were fantastic, especially when I made the effort to blow dry my newly plumped tresses. I am seriously impressed, and I now wash my hair with it every other day or so ( I also have a deep love of dry shampoo which gives my roots a much needed boost). I have never come across the Double Serum, shown on the far right in the photo, but I would really love to try that as well.

This is a fantastic product for those of us who have super fine, wispy, cotton candy style hair. It works much better than anything I have ever put on my head, and I have tried it all, and is a fraction of the price. I live in hope that L'Oreal bring out styling products in this range! Fibrology works. I works so well that people have even commented and asked what I have been using to make my hair thicker. And that says a lot.

Now, I need to book myself in for my semi-annual haircut.

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