Product Review - Sigma Standout Eyes Gel Liners

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to join Sigma's SigmaPro Program. As well as a professional discount from the US based website, I was told I would get to enjoy sneak peeks of some of their new products. I assumed this meant I would be able to order new products before the general products. So, imagine my surprise last week when a lovely parcel arrived at my door! Inside contained a beautiful display box of Sigma's new gel liners and brushes. Six gel liners and two brushes! Lucky me!

I have roadtested them over the last week, as i like to try all products before letting loose on my clients. There are six standout shades, all are highly pigmented and glide on easily. I especially like the slate grey colour, nice for everyday wear.

From top to bottom you have: Unexpected (stoney grey), Stunnigly Ladylike (deep brown black), Liberaly Toasted (rich warm brown), Wicked (black), Standout Peacock (deep peacock teal), and Royally Striking (vivid purple).

They apply easily, but do take longer to dry than my ususal gel liner ( Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner), making them easier to smudge. They are also not completely waterproof, which played havoc when my hay fever reared it's ugly head! Using a sealing gel or setting with a powder eye shadow would help. The colours are fantastic, really striking, especially the purple and peacock colours which I can imagine will make a great double line. The longer drying time also lends itself to creating a really fast and easy smokey eye base!

SIgma have also launched two new brushes:

The top is the Line Perfector E68, a dense angle brush. The bottom is the Winged Liner E06, a small angle brush, similar to the brush I use to do nail art with. I can never get to grips with using these type of brushes for eye lining, I prefer to use a fine liner like a MAC 210. I love the idea of the Winged Liner brush, but found it difficult to use on myself (I am starting to go crepey of the lid boohoo). Much easier to use on clients though. The brush I was sent is slightly splayed though, and even washing and reshaping hasn't helped :-( but it still works well. The dense Line Perfector is great for working the gel into the base of the lashes for a really defined look, I like the brush a lot!

Top: line using Winged Liner Brush

Middle: using Line Perfector Brush

Bottom: using MAC 210 Fine Liner Brush

All in all, I like the Sigma Standout Eyes Collection. The items are resonably priced at $14-$16 each. I would hesitate to use these on bridal clients as they just aren't waterproof enough for me, but I certainly think they would look striking for beauty and editorial work. The brushes are very nice if you prefer a larger liner brush. I can imagine that the WInged Liner Brush would double up nicely as a precision lip brush!

Sigma deliver worldwide. You can shop these lovely liners here.

When I joined the Pro program, I also received some colour samples of eye shadows, blushers etc. ANd I absolutely have fallen in love with their blush in Serene which is beautiful for everyday. BE sure to check it out!

Which of the Standout Eyes Gel Liners takes your fancy?

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