Baby Bump Painting - Cheeky Little Monkey!

Last week, I had the pleasure of painting another gorgeous baby bump for Nikki, who is expectig a baby girl in two weks time! The painting was arranged by her sister Charley as a special treat to celebrate Nikki's pregnancy. We chose a fun and colourful design featuring a little girl monkey dressed in a tutu.

Here is Stage 1, laying down the blocks of colour:

Stage 2, adding highlights and definition (I decided to add some purple flowers as well):

Stage 3, adding low lights and shading:

Stage 4, adding lots of glitter!

It is so cute when I am painting bumps, the baby inside always becomes really active. This baby girl seemed to like when I was trying to paint the little details on the monkey, she kept kicking right there while I was painting!

I used face/body paints from Superstar, Grimas and Snazaroo to create this bump painting.

Here is the final look, with Mum standing up. You can see how it changes the shape of the painting.

I really enjoy painting bumps! If you are expecting and would like to have a unique piece of bump art designed just for you, contact me! Prices start from £40. You can see more of my baby bump paintings here. It is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy, and looks great on maternity photos.

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