Kat von D Waterproof Autograph Pencils Review

How great is your BFF? They are always there for you, through thick and thin, good and bad. I am so blessed to have so many amazing friends, and not one but TWO besties. Unfortunately, they both still live in the USA, and I miss them terribly. However, distance ain't a thang. And my girl Kim sent me the sweetest surprise this week. Tucked up in a Halloween parcel for my little boy was a fab set of Kat von D Waterproof Autograph Pencils. Ten gorgeous shades of creamy pencil perfection, all the way from SEPHORA (cue choir of angels). Seriously, why no Sephora in the UK???? This is a question that keeps me up late a night, all misty eyed and dreaming of a one stop makeup mecca. Anyhoo...


Here is the set of 10. These are not full size, but they can be purchased individually. From L-R we have Platinum, Black Metal Love, Puro Amor, Immortal Love, Napolitano, Fool's Gold, Eyegasm, Rhi-Venge, Homie, and Runaway.


Picture taken with flash to show the amount of glitter or shimmer present in each shade.

This is a very creamy formula, easily blended out as you can see. All but two shades ( Puro Amor and Immortal Love) contain glitter or shimmer. I applied these swatches and left them for over TWELVE hours. I washed dishes, bathed my boy, etc. and they did not budge. They were actually difficult to remove, my usual micellar water did not work at all and I had to use Vaseline to get it off in the end. That would be the only drawback to this product.

I will always stand by my fave Avon Supershock Gel pencils for my clients, they are a staple in my kit. But I will defo be reaching for these when I need the metallic/sparkle/shimmer finishes. I plan on using Eyegasm on a Halloween client next week, so watch this space!

Kat von D products are available from Rose's Beauty Store here in the UK, and Sephora in the US. The full size pencils retail for £14.99 UK and only $10 in the US!!!!! My goodness! Sephora ship to the UK for only £6 when you spend over £75, but beware the 20% VAT added at the end. And also the £75 must be spent before tax is added.

Sephora, Liverpool One is a great location for a UK store, just sayin'.

I am looking forward to creating some exciting looks next week! Halloween makeup in Liverpool has never been so glam!

Could the Kat von D pencils be your new makeup BFF?

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