January Blues - Can you feel it?

It is mid January. Christmas is well and truly over. We are all back in the swing of our usual routines. Most resolutions have failed by now, not being negative, but it is true. It is still dark when we get up in the morning, and dark when we come home at night. Are you feeling the January Blues?

I am a firm believer in the positive mental attitude. If something is getting me down, I change it, or at least take steps to set change in motion. It is annoying but true. I am just proactive like that. So, what am I doing to banish those January Blues?

1. I got the chop. My fine, thin and frankly lank hair has been too long for too long. I have been stuck in the Mommy Messy Bun rut for ages. I took a pic of Jennifer Anniston's gorgeous midlength bob to my hairdresser. She did laugh at first, however she gave me a fantastic cut that with a ton of various volumising and thickening products, looks very close to Jen's. Bobs are making a huge comeback. I am leading the way. Take note!

Next, I am going darker. Again. Wish me luck.

2. I have embraced my Fitbit. My lovely Mom bought me a Fitbit Flex for Christmas (at my request) This is a watchlike device that you wear 24/7. It monitors how many steps you take a day, how many miles you clock up, calories burned and even how well you sleep! I have synced it to my Weight Watchers account so it convrts all of my activity into points. It is a great little gadget that has really got me refocused on my Weight Watchers plan. I put 6 of the 21lbs I lost back on over Christmas, but hopefully it will be gone very soon! I am walking as much as possible every day, and shall get my butt back on my cross trainer too. Just keep all the sweets away from me please.

3. I am trying a new healthy recipe every week. I love cooking for my family, but again find myself stuck in a routine of the same dishes again and again. Plus the challenge of being a foodie who despertely needs to lose weight! I have enjoyed seeking out new healthy vegetarian recipes that are Weight Watchers friendly or adaptable. So far, my Veggie Shepherd's Pie has been a big winner. I am even considering starting a new blog to share my recipes.

4. Tanning. Gradually. Out of a bottle. I always feel better with some colour. St Tropez was my best friend for many years, liberally applied twice a week for years and years until my son came along and I just lost the will to maintain a fake tan. I have decided to dip my toe back in the bronze pool and purchased a bottle of Johnson's Holiday Sun Firming Lotion. Hint of tan and firming my flabby bingo wings all in one product? Sold!

5. Decluttering. Who doesn't like a good ole January clear out? I started in December, and hope to carry on til my house looks like something from Pinterest. I shall tackle my makeup collection very soon.

6. I am writing. Quite a bit. I have been fortunate enough to contribute to online magazine Purple Revolver as well as Your Merseyside Wedding magazine. And now my busy Christmas period has settled down, I can focus on my blog as well. I am trying to write something everyday in some way. It is cathartic, fun, and gets my creativity flowing! Even just journaling is good for the soul. Get yourself a beautiful notebook and a great pen and go wild. It is great!

How are you feeling my darlings? Any other tips for lifting our post Christmas spirits? Comment below and don't forget to share!

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