I Heart It - Makeup Revolution Radiant Light

I am having a love affair with Makeup Revolution at the moment, please don't tell my hubby. I saw these gorgeous powders on their Instagram feed (@makeuprevolution) a few weeks ago, and someone commented that they were a dupe for the coveted Hourglass Ambient Light powders. I have been wanting to add the Hourglass powders to my kit for ages, so thought I'd give this cheaper alternative a try.

At £5 each, I was doubtful that the texture and finish would live up to the Hourglass equivilant. How wrong was I! You can feel that these powders are finely milled, the colour is soft and it glows without looking glittery.

On the Left is the palest shade, Exhale. The medium shade on the Right is Breathe. They also do a bronze shade called Glow, but I did not buy it at the moment as it looks very summery and I don't need that at the moment.

Exhale is very light and would make an excellent highlighter for super pale skin tones. It seemed overly sparkly at first, but once it is buffed into the skin it just glows and is beautiful.

Breathe is the more usable of the 2 shades. I have used it as a highlighter on cheekbones, and I also had a play with it this weekend, buffing it all over the skin. It gives that gorgeous "lit from within" glow that we all want. So flattering, makes skin look silky smooth and radiant. I want to roll around in it a little bit.

Swatches with a flash. Exhale on top, Breathe on bottom. These aren't buffed at all, just swatched with my fingers. I need to use hand cream more often judging by this photo.

Swatch with no flash. You can see how Breathe looks slightly glittery compared to Exhale. This disappears once you buff the product in a little.

These powders are stunning. Makeup Revolution is a great affordable brand that keeps bringing out these fabulous products, they release new things every week! These powders are £5 each, or they also do all 3 in a handy palette for £8. Makeup Revolution is available at some Superdrug stores and also online.

I will be reviewing some more of my favourites from this brand, so keep checking back!

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