SAG Awards 2015 Beauty Roundup

Last night saw yet another award's red carpet in the lead up to the main event, The Oscars. I love checking out the hair and makeup looks! The red carpet looks are a sign of what trends are coming. What I am taking away from last night's parade of celebs is that fresh faces are en vogue and eyebrows are looking VERY natural. Put the brow powders/pencils/pomades away ladies, and just go for a good tint! It is the way forward!

Here are my fave looks:

Emmy Rosum is my pick of the night. She looked absolutely stunning and fresh. I loved the smokey winged liner, natural brows and lip. So young fresh and pretty! Also her hair is poilshed yet slightly undone, which is another trend that prevailed for the night.

Emma Stone always looks amazing. I am loving her deep auburn hair! I much prefer her with this darker tone. She is killing it with full voluminous lashes and perfect red lips. I suited her tuxedo inspired gown perfectly, so chic.

Does this woman age? I want her magic potion. Great hair, softly smokey eye and nude lip. Perfection. Julia also opted for a tuxedo. Just gorgeous!

Reese Witherspoon can do no wrong in my book. I am loving this Laura Mercier lip colour. Again, note the brows. They look untouched. Just a hint of colour and grooming.

Mum to be Kiera Knightly looked radiant and beautiful. The soft smokey violet eye is dreamy! I am obsessing over these brows so much. I love her boho waves. She just looks so pretty.

Felicity Jones is the epitome of the 'I woke up like this' look. Perfected skin, brushed up brows, bit of mascara and gloss and good to go. I am jealous and wish I could pull off this look. She is so bright and fresh!

Rosamind Pike looked gorgeous once again. Not as polished as she did at the Golden Globes, but this slightly worn in eye really suits her! Love the lip colour as well!

Which star's hair and makeup was your pick of the night? Comment below!

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