Red Carpet Beauty Roundup - Grammys and BAFTAs 2015

I love the red carpet! Emerging trends trickling down from the catwalk, made accessable to the general public. Last night saw two very different award ceremonies. The Grammys where evryone like to go a bit cray, and the BAFTAs which are always a subdued, classy and understated affair. Here are my favourite looks from both:

Grammys 2015

Rhianna's dress was a hot mess of a shower scrubbie thing, but her fresh faced makeup was the winner of the night. I just want to smooth her hair down on top. Like. So. Bad. We've all thrown are hair up in a lumpy pony before, but not when faced with a red carpet full of cameras.

It does my heart good to see Gwen Stefani in a nude lip. This woman does not age! She looks exactly the same as when I used to contemplate trying a bindi whilst jamming to "I'm Just a Girl" in some studenty club 20 years ago. If only I looked the same too (insert crying emoji).

Queen Bey is leading the way with this gorgeous glowing no-makeup-makeup look. You know, she totally wakes up like this. Life is not fair. This is how to do nude makeup.

Kim K, take note of the above. I am not one for posting pics of makeups that I don't like, but I have to say something here. Kim has a look, she thinks it works for her, and she sticks with it. I really wish that she would stop wearing concealer that is 5 shades lighter than her base, in a triangle, under her eyes. She has killer cheekbones, and there are better ways to play them up. This is not good makeup.

BAFTAs 2015

My favourite look of the night is Lea Seydoux, who channeled vintage Hollywood glamour to perfection. Glossy hair and perfect makeup. I want to look like this every day!

My girl Reese is killing it on the red carpet this year. I can't wait to see what she looks like at the Oscars! If I could choose any star to play me in the story of my life, it would be her. Because, obvs, we are so much alike. Her dress was fabulous as well.

Amy Adams is another fave of mine. She always looks well put together. Her makeup is clean and modern.

Rosamind Pike is another actress who is rocking the red carpet this season. What I love most about this look is the pop of golden bronze under her eyes, which really plays up her bluey green peepers. A great alternative to the traditional black smokey eye.

Which of the looks did you love? Which did you hate? Leave me a comment below!

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