10 MUAs You NEED to Follow on Instagram

I have mixed feelings about Instagram. It is a great platform for showcasing all sorts of things, and is perfect for makeup artists and enthusiasts to check out trends. It is an instant newsfeed of what is happening at fashion weeks and on the red carpet. But it also seems to have bred a culture of "Who can apply all the makeups in the craziest most extreme ways?" and silly hashtags such as #onfleek. i am defo showing my age here, but I have no idea what #onfleek is all about. Instagram also has its own style of eye brow and contouring, which have many professional MUAs up in arms.

I admire the artists and enthusiasts and appreciate their skills and talents. But some of these artists/enthusiasts seem to be perpetuating a culture of drag style makeup, which is now becoming a trend of every day makeup in places. It is a LOT of makeup to be wearing every day, and doesn't truly reflect what is happening on the red carpet and in the pages of Vogue. These images are sometimes highly filtered or altered using Photoshop or specific apps designed to improve the look of makeups. They are just not a realistic representation.

However, there are many, many amazing MUAs on Instagram showing us there is more to makeup than carved out brows and phallic nose contouring (you KNOW what I mean!). Here are my 10 favourites, in no particular orderbecause I just couldn't rank all this talent!

1. @lotstar

Lottie is an INCREDIBLE makeup artist! I find her work seriously inspirational. She has worked on all the best faces out there and is at the forefront of fashion. Where she leads, I will follow.

2. @hungvanngo

This amazing artist heads up the CK One makeup brand, which I LOVE and miss now it is no longer available in the UK (Come baaaaaack!!!!!) He brings the GLAM. And we love the GLAM.

3. @patrickta

Patrick has a long list of celebrity clients including Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Gigi Hadid. His red carpet looks are beyond beautiful. Again with the GLAMAAAAA!

4. @patidubroff

Pati is a veteran artist of the highest calibre. She beautifies the faces of Dakota Johnson, Charlize Theron, Miley Cyrus, and I could go on and on. She is reknowned for her television and film work. I just love EVERYTHING this woman does!

5. @scottbarnes68

Although he is the artist who launched this whole crazy contouring business into the mainstream, I have nothing but love for Scott Barnes. He does the GLOW like no one else. Watch his techinique, he does this shiz RIGHT. Not a wifi forehead or penis nose in sight.

6. @patmcgraththereal

Pat McGrath though. Need I say more? She is one of the best known and best loved MUAs in the industry. She is running thangs on all of the major catwalks. Her work is so inspired and varied, she is an innovator and a leader. A huge inspiration to me!

7. @lisahoughton

Go get your latest issue of Vogue/Elle/Bazaar/etc and check the editorial credits. Lisa's name will be there. She serves up some super duper supermodel GLAM. I am in love with her work!

8. @ctilburymakeup

The queen of all things shiny and glamourous. You must follow Charlotte Tilbury! No one does smokey eyes like she does. Like REAL smokey eyes. Not drag queen stuff. Her products make me seriously drool.

9. @kabukinyc

Kabuki is a quiet poster. Sometimes it is his work, sometimes it is a crazy inspirational photo like Ingrid Bergman wearing a metal collar made by Salvidore Dali. I adore Kabuki. He is a true artist. Avant garde and crazy creative, always makes me think! He was the iconic MUA for Sex and the City, so do I need to say more?

10. @aniamilczarczyk

Aussie Ania is strobing faces all over the show. Her photos of incedibly beautiful model on sunny beaches with perfect glowing skin make me smile. I absolutely love how fresh and light her work is. Truly stunning.

It has been so difficult to narrow down this list to 10! I have tried to include a mixture of popular artists with artists that you maybe haven't looked at before. Hopefully this will be refreshing eye candy for you! And don't forget to follow me dear reader! @glamoramamakeup

Who do you follow on Instagram? Who is your fave? Comment below!

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