Strobing. What is it?

Strobing is all I see on my social media these days. And I am getting asked by clients, friends, and family to explain what this 'new' technique is and how to best achieve it. So, here is my take on the latest makeup sensation to hit the interwebs.

'Strobing' is not a new technique. Like contouring, it is a trick of manipulating light which has been used by makeup artists for decades. The ultra glowing highlights were super popular in the disco era, check out Sandy Linter's makeup work from this era. Glowing, radiant, almost metallic cheekbones. Instead of using shadows to define the bone structure of the face, strobing uses light shimmery product strategically placaed on the high points of the face to create a lifted look.

This technique is not for all. If you have very textured skin (large pores, bumps, lines), the highlighting will only draw attention to these issues. Be very careful about the placement!

Highlighting can be achieved by using powders, creams or liquids. Patting the product on with RCMAfingers will give a light, natural look. Using a sheer dewy foundation is key. Skin care is an absolute essential, as this look relies on your beautiful skin shining through.

My fave highlighters to try:

1. Nars Radiance Enhancing Primer. You can use this under, over, or mixed in with your foundation. A little goes a long way!

2. Illamasqua Gleam Cream in Aurora. Beautiful patted on top of cheek bones.

3. MAC Vanilla Pigment. An oldie, but a goody. Be careful not to over dose on this highly concentrated pigment!

4. Makeup Revolution London Radiant Light Powders. Shades Exhale and Breathe are staples in my kit. These are superfine highlighters and can be buffed all over the skin for a serious glow.

My fave dewy foundations:

1. Smashbox Liquid Halo. This liquid glows, but does not look greasy. Photographs AMAZING.

2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. Coverage, radiance, and staying power. Ticks so many boxes!

3. RCMA Colour Process. My fave foundation EVER. It is a cream, but it sheers out to a fine coverage and you can add your glow into it by mixing with a facial oil.

4. CC Creams. In general, these products will give a light, natural base with lots of glow.

Tread lightly with this trend, dear reader! too much highlight and you will be walking around looking like the tin man. Less is more. This look is about looking fresh, glowing and radiant. Remember, what you see on the internet is photographed in perfect lighting and photoshopped to high heaven. These images are not realistic and you will kill yourself trying to recreate them. Have a play and find what works for you!

Tag me on your strobing pics! I would love to see how this look is working for you!

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