Review - ORG Mineral Peel Spray and Tonymoly Appletox Peel Cream

I have been reading a lot about Korean skincare via my fave Facebook group ever, Glossible. I have done some research (well, Googling) into the innovative products that are comin out of Asia, or inspired by Asian technology. I came across an American brand called O.R.G. who make these mineral peel sprays. I ordered via a website called, but cannot seem to find the product on there any more. You can order the Mineral Peels for the face and body from for $70 USD and $24.95 USD for shipping to the UK. Remember that you will have to pay 20% VAT and £8 handling fee to receive this parcel from the states! So in total it will cost around £84 for both products.

The spray is a non-abrasive organic exfoliant made of a cocktail of antioxidents and botanical ingredients. You spray the skin, leave for 3 seconds and then rub gently with your hands or a soft flannel. The dead skin and, frankly, god knows what forms into little balls which are both gross yet immensely satisfying! You then rinse with warm water. Your skin is left feeling smooth an looking radiant! Amazing, simple stuff. And gentle. But don't forget to use sun screen after using this or any other exfoliant.

My arm with the spray:

After I rubbed the spray in, there were fine bobbles of dead skin, but they didn't pick up on camera!

The demo on O.R.G.'s website:

Now onto the Tonymoly Appletox Peeling Cream. I ordered this from Korea, via It was £9.62 including postage! It took 2 weeks to arrive, andi did not have to pay any customs/VAT charges.

The packaging is gorgeous, however it lacked any instructions or ingredients which was worrying. I found a great review on which listed the full ingredients and also explained how to use it. Yay! The cream smells great and feels light on thye skin although it contains mineral oil. I applied a thin layer and left for 3 minutes. I then gently rubbed with my fingers. i am not 100% convinced that the balls of ick that formed were completely made of my dead skin cells! Eww! I rinsed with a warm flannel and my skin felt fabulously smooth and fresh after!

I really like both of these products and I hope that they will one day be more available within the UK. I am looking forward to Sonia Roselli's Sex-a-Peel face peel spray, as I believe it will give similar, if not better results than these two products and will be an ideal addition to my kit. I cannot wait to try it! But in the meantime, these two products are giving me fabulously smooth skin, so I will keep stripping ;-) .

Have you tried any peel products such as these? Which are your faves?

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