It is that time of year again! Ghosts ghouls, and the ubiquitous sexy kittens are all getting prepped for trick or treating.

This year, my kid is 4. He is very excited about dressing up. However, he absolutely refuses to be face painted or havd any makeup applied to himself. At all. EVER. I am not sure he is mine to be honest... surely he was switched at birth???

He has asked me to make myself up though. For his amusement. He enjoys watching the process. We enjoy watching the Made Yew Look channel on You/tube, where the amazing Lex transforms herself into various comic book characters, and other amazing makeups. This morning, my son asked me to make myself Iron Man, in the style of Lex.

Here is her effort:

Here is my interpretation:

This is the first time I have attempted such a detailed face paint in a VERY long time. I am super happy with the results! My son was a little scared hahaha. And this has reignited my love of creative face and body painting once more! I think I will have a go on myself more often.

And here are some nasty cuts I have created on myself in preparation for my Halloween bookings:

And here is my trial run of my personal Halloween makeup for a party I am going to with my hubby. I will post final pics next week of us in our costumes!

I have a couple morning appointments available for Halloween, please contact me if you would like to book!

Have a spooky time! xxx