International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! A day for celebrating the acheivements of women. Today is the 100th anniversary of this day. It is crazy to think how far women have come in the last 100 years. Even the field of fashion makeup was once dominated by men. Max Factor was the first celebrity makeup artist, working his magic in the golden age of old Hollywood. Then later came the likes of Way Bandy, then Kevyn Aucoin, Scott Barnes, and on and on. I wanted to write this piece about some amazing contemporary female MUAs who I absolutely adore. I am so influenced and inspired by these women, their creations and their work ethic.

1. Pat McGrath

LEGEND. Pat's work is seen on every major runway, she is or has been involved with most major cosmetics brands at some point. She is a huge influence on modern makeup trends. And I absolutely adore how fresh faced and laid back she looks, never caked in makeup herself. My kind of woman!

2. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa made a name for herself doing editorials for Vogue. Her YouTube videos are unmissable, she is without a doubt the best YouTube makeup guru out there! She is creative director of Lancome and gets to make up all of the best faces for the red carpet. And she is obsessed with vintage makeup, which has made me feel like less of a geek! Check out her book 'Facepaint' for the copmplete history of the makeups! Fun fact - I once had a twitter conversation with Lisa Eldridge about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, another of our mutual obsessions!

3. Alex Box

Alex Box was long standing creative director at Illamasqua before leaving at the beginning of this year. Her work is so full of art and beauty, insanely creative and always outstanding. I am so excited to see where her work is going next. I dream of being so creatively free! She nearly broke the internet last year with her backstage photo of 'strobing', bringing ultra highlighting to the forwfront. This photo of her working whilst holding her son is just every single thing.

4. Lottie

Lottie, aka @lotstar, is simply devine. Her work is so clean and fresh, always a huge inspiration to me. She is backstage at fashion week, and if you are lucky you might catch some amazing behind the scenes on her Periscope channel! She has worked her way up in the ranks of fashion, and she has earned every accomplishment. She is a huge inspiration to me, I think she is just amazing. And she seems really cool and I would love to hang with her! (Not in a creepy stalker way, I swear.)

5. Charlotte Tilbury

I have long admired Charlotte Tilbury's work. Her Tom Ford campaigns shot with Mert and Marcus make me DROOL. Her make up style is super sexy, very sophisticated, and extremely glamorous. I try to bestow this kind of vibe upon the faces of my clients. I think she has a very similar aesthetic to mine, drawing inspiration from disco chic of the late 70s/early 80s. And her own makeup line is crazy beautiful. Love love love. I would really like to watch Knots Landing with her and do Abby Ewing makeovers on one another hahaha.

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