Wow! What a summer!

Yes, I am aware that I haven't blogged in quite sometime. Summer is a very busy time at Glamorama HQ, full of weddings and proms and more weddings and holiday beauty preparations and more weddings... I even managed to get a couple camping trips squeezed in with my little Glam Fam!

I get the feeling that I haven't been missed much hahaha. No one has emailed me to see if I am okay, or to check if I have been kidnapped by aliens. That is fine. I understand. This blog doesn't have a great following I must admit. But I am hoping to change all of that, as I have great plans and ambitions for revamping The Glamorama Blog!

I am planning to post new blogs Monday - Friday and each day will have a unique theme:

Makeup Monday

Top Tip Tuesday

Wedding Wednesday

Throwback Thurday

Fabulous Friday

I am very excited about my new and improved blog, and i really want YOU to be a part of it! Please comment below with your ideas and suggestions, I am dying to share my beauty and makeup expertise with you on a daily basis. I hope The Glamorama Blog will be THE place you turn to for makeup, beauty, and fun! I am looking forward to chatting with you very soon.

Vicky xxx