Welcome to the new Glamorama Blog!

As promised, I am focusing a lot of attention on my blog now that wedding season is slowing down a little and my little boy is back to school. Writing has always been one of my passions, and I hope to build a nice following of makeup and beauty lovers to share and interact with. This blog needs you! So please interact, comment, ask questions and share! And if you would like to contribute, then please contact me. My goal is to build a positive and nurturing environment where every post is like having a good goss with your best pals!

So today is Makeup Monday. I thought I would start off by sharing my personal makeup journey. It all began when I was a little girl in Cincinnati. My very glam Grandma would let me play with her makeup and boy did I play with it! I loved making myself up and wearing bright lipsticks. As a teen, I had a Caboodle filled with all kinds and I lived for sleepovers where my friends would let me give them facials and makeovers. I had a friend who's aunt had given her a box of fashion magazines from the 70s, and I was mesmerised by the glamorous makeup and hair they contained. I practised these looks on myself in front of my bedroom mirror. I loved creating new and different looks.

*not my actual Caboodle, but pretty close!

I went to university and became a nurse. I got married and moved to the UK, where I worked in the NHS, but my love of makeup and beauty endured. Unfortunately I hurt my back which required surgery and months on sick leave. I decided that nursing really wasn't for me, I did not want to return to a job which I hated and was making me physically ill. I decided to go back to college and become a makeup artist. After I got my diploma in Theatrical and Media Makeup and certificates in Face and Body Painting and Fashion Photographic Makeup, I took on retail work. First I did agency work for various brands, then I became an account manager for Benefit Cosmetics. Finally, I was recruited by Estee Lauder as a business manager and makeup artist.

While I was on maternity leave in 2011, I started freelancing again. I wanted to build a mobile makeup business, and Glamorama was born. I took the name from the beauty salon on my Grandma's favourite soap opera! In 2014, I left Estee Lauder to focus full time on my business. I have worked so hard and I am extremely proud of what I have achieved! Deep down, I had always wanted my own business. Working as a business manager in retail gave me a great education in how to run a business of my own. Leaving a steady paid job was scary, but embracing the fear and running with it was the best career decision I have ever made!

I am so fortunate to have amazing clients! I have met so many beautiful and amazing women since starting Glamorama. I am so grateful that they love what I do. I am still obsessed with 70s glamour, and I spend far to much time browsing old magazine scans on Pinterest and Tumblr! And I would love to have my work published in a glossy magazine one day... just watch this space...

So how about you? Are you a makeup addict? What is your story? Comment below and let's chat!

Vicky xxx