TTT - Top Tip Tuesday

Hello and welcome to Top Tip Tuesday! The new Glamorama Blog will have a different daily theme Monday - Friday, so today and every Tuesday I will be sharing one of my favourite MUA tips with you.

Creasing, smudging eye shadow is one of the most common problems I am asked about as a MUA. There are certain steps I follow to prep the eye area before I apply eye shadows.

1. If lids are shiny or oily from eye cream or moisturiser application, gently blot with a cotton pad.

2. Using a flat synthetic brush, like a concealer brush, apply a thin layer of eye shadow primer onto the lid, into the inner corner, and under the lower lashes. Urban Decay Potion Primers are my absolute favourites!

3. If you have particularly oily or crepey lids, apply a light layer of transparent powder or a matte neutral colour shadow.

Now your lids are ready for whatever style shadow you want to apply!

Have a makeup problem? Comment below and I will try to answer in a future post. Like your own personal makeup agony aunt!!!

Vicky xxx