Glamorama T-Shirts for Glamorama Girls

Hello my lovelies!!! Wow it has been a busy summer, and I have so much to share with you. Lots of exciting things are going on at Glamorama HQ!

First I want to chat about my new side venture, designing t-shirts! I know it sounds a bit out there, but I really enjoy creating and being artistic, and have always wanted to design clothing of some kind. So I have set up an online shop at featuring my creations on t-shirts, crop tops, vests and tote bags.

I have created these tops and totes for women like myself who want to wear something comfortable, but with a little sass to it! These tops are perfect with jeans, skirts, or leggings. You can wear them any where!

I have been wearing mine while I have been working, as the black tees make a great 'uniform'for makeup artists. It gets boring wearing solid black all of the time, so I made some tees that would be fun to wear while making up clients. I have also made tote bags to match which I now throw all of my work essentials in like my diary, baby wipes, disposables, card machine, etc.

The summer 2018 collection focuses on colour, with bright pinks and neon vibes. I have created a leopard print which I LOVE! And my favourite has to be my neon retro lips design. These pieces are individually printed to order, so please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

I am currently working on my Autumn 2018 collection, which will have a spiritual vibe to it, and also elements of pop art and a new wave vibe. There will be hoodies and long sleeved tees added to the range. Can't wait to share those with you!!!

As a special treat for you, dear reader, I am giving you 15% off any purchases you make using the promo code GLAM15 at checkout. Treat yourself to your fave Glamorama top or tote!

Happy summer, and happy shopping!

Vicky xxx