My Favourite Makeup Brushes

I have a confession to make, I am a brush whore. I have hundreds, literally hundreds, of makeup brushes, hair brushes, and painting brushes. Brushes are an investment, so I have always tried to buy the best quality brushes that will last for many years with proper care.

Brushes are important tools for creating professional makeup looks. There are so many different types, and it can be confusing to know how they all work and which ones are best for you. I believe the way we use brushes and our preferences are very personal. It depends on how you like to apply makeup, the skills you have, and your technique. I am often asked about brushes, so I thought it would be useful to write a blog featuring my favourites and tell you how I use them.

*** this blog contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase any of the products via the links, I will earn a small commission.

MyKitCo 0.21 My Flawless Face Small Brush

This is my go-to brush for applying foundation. It’s dense synthetic bristles are ideal for buffing your base on your skin without leaving streaky brush strokes.

MyKitCo 1.27 My Soft Blender Brush

This brush is great for blending eyeshadow, going back and forth in a ‘windscreen wiper motion’ or making small circles. It is also a useful brush for buffing concealer on to targeted areas or applying highlighter.

MyKitCo 0.24 Pro My Blush and Polisher Brush

This is literally like a fluffy bunny tail! I use this to apply setting powder, blusher, bronzer, highlighter. It’s a wonderful multi-use tool. The long airy bristles give a delicate application.

MyKitCo 1.20 Pro My Precise Crease Brush

I love this brush the most! It is small and compact enough to do precision application of shadow in the crease, corners, or underneath eyes. However, it is fluffy enough to soften edges and blend out colours.

MyKitCo 1.22 Pro My Feliner Brush

MyKitCo was created by makeup artist James Molloy who is known for his amazing winged eye looks. This brush is the ultimate tool for creating precise and perfect eyeliner, and it is a real game changer.

Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader

I love this flat brush for packing shimmer on to the lid or highlighting under the brow bone.

Zoeva 230 Pencil Brush

I use this brush to add colour in the corners of the eye, to highlight the tear duct area, and to smudge out smokey eyeliner. Another great all round brush for eyes!

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

The angle of this brush makes it perfect for defining cheekbones and slimming jawlines. Also great for applying cream blushers.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

I love cream blushers, and this is the brush I use to blend to perfection. It’s also good for applying setting powder in strategic places or highlighter.

I adore all of these brushes and I use them on myself and clients pretty much every time I do makeup. They are also great quality and will last you a lifetime if you look after them properly.

I hope this blog has been informative for you! I'm really looking forward to when this lockdown is over and I can see my lovely clients again! Take care of yourselves, stay at home, and stay safe.

Lots of love,

Vicky xxx