No time for makeup? 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 Minute Quick Makeup Routine

Do you need a quick makeup routine? Creating makeup looks doesn’t always take hours and hours. If it did, I would never get anything done in my life! I want to share with you my professional makeup artist secrets to looking polished in a hurry with your choice of a 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 minute makeup quick makeup routine.

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Hourglass indicating time for a quick makeup routine

5 minute Quick Makeup Routine

Dashing out in a rush? In 5 minutes you can apply your moisturiser and eye cream (because skincare is non-negotiable), swipe on a coat of mascara, dab concealer under your eyes and on any obvious blemishes, cream blusher on the apples of your cheeks and pat a little on your lips as well. Et voila!

Glossier Cloud Paints are my go to cream blushers, they work on cheeks, lips, and eyes!

10 minute Quick Makeup Routine

If you have slightly more time – follow your skincare with a tinted moisturiser like Beauty Pie, which has SPF 20. Use concealer on your eyelids as well as the under eye area. Brush on 1 shade of your favourite eye shadow. I love a rose gold like Tarte Metallic Exposed or just a matte taupe depending on my mood. Now mascara, then cream blusher and a quick hit of lip gloss.

woman applying makeup in a quick makeup routine

15 minute Quick Makeup Routine

There’s a lot we can do in 15 minutes! Skincare, tinted moisturiser, then use Urban Decay Primer Potion eyeshadow base on the lids. Use your powder blusher or bronzer with a fluffy blending brush to create depth in your socket line. Then apply your favourite eyeshadow shade on the lid. A soft gel pencil like Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl in Barbarella Brown lines the eyes with little fuss. A coat or two of mascara. Conceal under eye circles and blemishes. Now use bronzer to define under cheekbones, and cream blusher on the cheekbones themselves. Finish with your lip stick straight from the tube, or a gloss.

The new e.l.f. Putty Bronzers are perfect for quick contouring, they blend seamlessly!

20 minute Quick Makeup Routine

This is a luxurious amount of time! Take the extra 5 minutes to work with a foundation, it will take an extra minute to blend your base. Use Glossier Boy Brow to quickly groom your brows into shape. If you have time, add more definition to your eyes using a darker, matte shadow blended into the outer corner and socket line with a bullet tip brush, and smudge softly along the bottom lash line. Once you’ve contoured and blushed, set your look with RCMA Loose Setting Powder to make it last. Line your lips with a pencil that is one shade deeper than your lips (NYX Toulouse is perfect for me) and finish with your chosen lip colour or gloss.

makeup palette for a quick makeup routine

Quick Makeup Routine Must Haves

Makeup Storage – keep your essentials at your fingertips

Makeup by Mario Matte Palette – can use on brows too!

NYX HD Concealer – creamy and easy to blend formula

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara – the silicon brush makes application a breeze

Brushworks Multi-tasking Brush – for foundation, blush, and contour

Fenty Glow Lipgloss – the universal gloss that looks amazing on everyone without being gloopy

My Top Quick Makeup Routine Tips

  • Keep your everyday products to hand so that you aren’t searching through a drawer or makeup bag.
  • Choose multi-tasking products, such as matte eyeshadow that can be used to fill in brows, or concealer that makes a great eyeshadow primer.
  • Makeup brushes are great, but your fingers can be your best blending tools in a rush.
  • Choose colours that will work with your wardrobe. Most of us tend to wear the same colour palette in clothes and in makeup.
  • Invest in self-care beauty treatments that will make getting ready in the morning a breeze! Click to see what I can offer you.
  • Makeup is fun! So when you do have more time, play with it and discover new techniques that you may incorporate into your everyday quick makeup routine.

No matter how little time you have, there is a quick makeup routine that will fit you. I hope my tips and product recommendations can help you streamline your process, and maybe create more time in your morning for other things, like drinking coffee or speaking to your family hahaha! 

I bet you have some great time saving tips, and I would LOVE to hear them! Please share with me in the comments or chat with me on Instagram (that’s usually where I hang out) @glamoramamakeup

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