Stay at home – put your face on!

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a very surreal experience. It has forced many of us to work from home. I’m sure that some people are slogging around in their PJs or sweats, working from their laptops in bed or in front of the TV. But there are some (me included!) who are still getting up, getting dressed, and doing their hair and makeup each morning before work begins.

I will say that as a mother who is also now homeschooling as well as trying to move my business to an online entity, it can be challenging to get dressed and groomed for a work day. However, getting up and getting dressed for work has many positive effects. I’ve asked some business owners who are working from home to comment on the benefits…

Freelance MUA and #TeamGlamorama artist Laura Kilfoyle

“It just gives me a sense of normality. Even though I’m not going anywhere, my normal routine of hair, makeup and dressed makes me feel like I am ready and not just lounging around. Plus I look like Hagrid without it all 😂 x”

Lissa Sian owns The Life Lab Retreat

“Yes! It’s the psychology around it. Get up. Get dressed. Get sh*.t done!”

Jo Pennington-Jones is an Investment Director at Rathbones, a large investment management company, and working from home for the first time in her life.

“I’m dressed comfy but don’t go without make up, I’d scare myself never mind the kids!!”

Branding photographer (and my partner at The Liverpool Wedding Blog) Lucy Price

“I’ve been getting properly dressed + makeup more than I normally would working from home, it’s definitely putting me in a better mood and helping me stay productive. Also means I don’t have excuses for avoiding work like ‘oh I can’t film that video today because I’ve got no makeup on’”

Andrea Fogg from Maria Fogg Family Law

“I did completely get made up today, hair and face all done. dress up Friday not dress down Friday🙌. I do feel better for it even if no one but the kids see me. It’s probably the best I’ve felt all week.”

Kathy McCann is an Arbonne representitive

“I’ve still been putting makeup on because I do loads of zoom and Facebook lives/calls and trainings. Tonight we have our virtual area manager retreat, was supposed to be going away for the weekend but it’s been moved online and I can’t wait”

Francesca Giuditta Eleonora Manca from Underwing marketing has my favourite reason…

“Because it’s an act of self love and self respect, also respect for all that have to see me in zoom, or the poor postman I have to open the door to. Because it helps me to mentally keep in the routine, to let my mind know there is still work to do, and I’ll be ready to hit the ground running when this is over!”

Sarah Oulton owns GoEvents event management and video production with her family, she also sells Younique cosmetics

“I still get up each morning, shower, do hair, makeup and get dressed. It puts me in a better frame of mind and more productive than just staying in pjs each day. It also helps with my ASD son and keeping him into routine”

Paper Florist Ellie Borrows from Card_en Party

“I’ve, for the past 2 days, got up dressed (on all days) blew my hair and put a little bit of slap on. I think it’s just to try and have a bit of normality. If I stayed in my pj’s and didn’t do anything I’d feel like a slug.”

Clare Marie Monti is a self employed holistic and beauty therapist has done #reversecasualfriday

“I was tagged in it and decided to do it. You basically wear a going out outfit for the day, as we can’t go for nights out while on lockdown. I’ve been making an effort and doing my makeup while off as it makes you feel better and gives you a focus to start the day. I’ve also been doing daily exercise, it lifts your mood.”

Emelia McGee from The Princess Experience

“I don’t do my makeup every day, but I change out of my jarmies! Even if it’s just to put on a lounge suit! It helps me separate work time from home time! At the moment, this is me working from home offering Princess video messages!”

How are you coping during lockdown? Are you working from home, or are you one of the amazing essential workers who are out there putting themselves at risk every day for the greater good? I cannot tell you how much I respect and how grateful I am to the NHS, emergency services, food and retail workers, cleaners, sanitation workers, postal workers, and everyone else working so hard to keep us all going. Massive thanks to you all.

Times may be challenging, but we have to do our best to stay positive. Don’t forget to join my Facebook group Glamorama Makeup SLAM to see my weekly live makeup demos and to try and have a go yourself. Hope to see you there xxx

Stay safe and lots of love,

Vicky x