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Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty treatments in Liverpool and all over the world.

Long, fluttery set of semi-permanent lashes by Glamorama Makeup, Liverpool

The treatment involves having single eyelash “extensions” glued to each of your own natural eyelashes with a very strong bonding glue. The technician isolates each lash with a pair of tweezers, and applies the extension with a second pair of tweezers. The full application takes around 1 1/2 hours. The results are lightweight and natural feeling, they look fantastic, and can last for weeks depending on your natural lash growth cycle. You can have them infilled or “rebalanced” every 2-3 weeks if you’d like to maintain them.

Semi-permanent lashes are perfect for brides, bridesmaids, or for holidays because they eliminate the need for mascara, so no worrying about panda eyes!

Here are some Dos and Don’ts if you are considering having lash extensions:

  • DO go to a qualified, insured technician. Ask to check their qualifications if unsure, and ask for client references. The technician should have you complete a client card to record your treatment as well. Also, just because they are salon based, doesn’t mean they are qualified! I trained at the fabulous Chill Out Spa at Knowsley Hall and am insured with Professional Beauty.
  • DON’T immediately go for the cheapest options. Some technicians charge as little as £25! Which is very tempting, but please remember to check their qualifications and recommendations. Remember, they will be using very sharp tweezers and very strong glues around your delicate eye area.
  • DO have your eyelashes tinted prior to application, especially if you’re fair. This will give a fuller and darker look to the lashes. I offer this as an additional service, along with brow tinting and waxing.
  • DO be sure to have a consultation as to the type of look you would like. There are many different lash lengths, thicknesses and curls. Each create a different style of lash. Application can vary from natural to extremely full and glam. You can even have the lashes on the outer corners flared out. I always complete a detailed consultation to ensure I tailor the lashes to suit my clients preference.
  • DO wait 24 hours before getting your lashes wet. This will ensure the glue cures properly and your lash retention will be longer.
  • DON’T use oily eye makeup removers or rub eye creams into the lashes following your treatment. Oils will loosen the bonding glue and cause your lashes to fall out quickly. Stick with oil free products around the eye area.
  • DO use special mascara designed for lash extensions, if you must use a mascara. The idea of the lashes is that there is no need for mascara, but if you must wear it, use the special mascara. Your technician should be able to supply this. I supply the Eyelash Emporium mascara to my clients for £14.
  • DO brush your lashes straight every morning with a clean disposable mascara wand. Lashes can go askew while you are sleeping and brushing them will keep them looking their best. I always give my client a wand at the end of their treatment for these purposes.

An example of flared outer corners on semi-permanent lashes
I hope you have enjoyed my dos and don’ts! Semi-permanent lashes look and feel amazing. They are well worth the maintenance. Just be sure to follow my tips to get the best from your treatment. Any questions? Leave a comment or Contact Me!

Price List

Full set

Classic semipermanent eyelash extensions £50

Hybrid £55

Full Volume £65

Mega Volume £75


30 mins – £20

60 mins – £30