bride having wedding makeup done in Liverpool

I have been a mobile wedding makeup artist in Liverpool since 2011 and I have spent many many mornings hanging out with the bride and her wedding party as they prepare for the big day ahead. I am so grateful to have had so many wonderful brides who have shared a bit of their day with me, and they have all been fabulous.

My goal is to create a tranquil environment for everyone as they get ready, and especially to help the bride relax and enjoy herself in the final moments before the wedding chaos really kicks in. Here are my top tips for a calm environment on the morning of the wedding.

1. Have music! Whatever music you love and that will make you smile and feel happy. Make a playlist of your top love songs, or even just put on Smooth Radio. Soft relaxing music puts everyone in the wedding mood.

2. Have the bride give her phone to a trusted individual who can manage her messages or answer any calls. This will take some pressure off in regards to replying to messages and social media. This is the bride’s time to chill!

3. If there will be small children present, have a designated baby sitter. Have some quiet play activities available for the kids to keep them busy, as well as plenty of snacks to keep them going! There will be a lot of activity going on in a small space, so if someone can take the children out until they are needed, that would be ideal.

4. Make sure you have breakfast! Weddings are such a long day, it is important to have a good high protein breakfast to keep everyone’s energy levels up. Have some easy snacks available for everyone to nibble on during prep time, as well as water, cold and hot drinks. This is often an after thought at a lot of weddings I have done, and it is such a busy time that there not time to nip out to the shops!

5. Get the dresses and veil out of their bags and hang them up very first thing in the morning, or even the night before. This will give time for any creases to drop out. If possible, have a dress steamer available on the day for any stubborn wrinkles!

6. Be sure to try on your underwear with your dresses before the day to make sure they work together. VPL is not a surprise you want on the wedding morning!

7. Necessary items for the morning: small sewing kit, safety pins, plasters, toupee (tit) tape, cushioned insoles for heels, blister pads, nail files, nail varnish remover, nude nail varnish, tissues

8. When I book a bride, I create a schedule of who is having what done when. I always allow contingency time for the inevitable interruptions such as flowers/cake arriving, family popping in, photographer, etc. And also factor in time for touch ups before I go. This way, there is no rush or panic and everyone can relax.

9. Remember to wear a button up shirt or wide neck top/vest so that you don’t mess up your hair up when you are getting dressed.

photos by Jane Hockey Photography

I hope these tips are helpful! It is so important to start the wedding day off right with a lovely calm environment. It will put everyone in a fantastic mood for the day.

If you have any questions regarding my hair and makeup services, please contact me! It is never too early to book.

Hope you have a wonderful Wedding Wednesday! xxx