bride having wedding makeup done in Liverpool

Photo by Lucy Hannah Photography at Liverpool Town Hall

A question that is often asked is why wedding make-up is different from a normal going out make-up. I have specialised in wedding hair and make-up in Liverpool since 2011, as well as doing looks for special occasions and working in commercial and editorial print. All of these make-up styles vary, and the techniques and products used vary as well. This blog is going to explain what makes wedding makeup unique and special, it’s so much more than just a ‘normal’ makeup!

Prior preparation is key for wedding makeup

The bride will require a trial, where we spend a good deal of time together discussing and planning how she wants to look on her special day. I allocate 90 minutes for a bridal makeup trial, and 3 hours for a bridal hair and makeup trial. This gives us time to get to know each other and create the perfect look together. The wedding makeup needs to photograph well, but also look natural and beautiful in the flesh. It needs to be super long-wearing, we are talking 12+ hours at least! Makeup for a night out or event also needs to last, but it doesn’t need the same ‘bulletproof’ qualities to stand up to happy tears, multiple kisses, and, of course, cake!

The bride’s wedding make-up trial is my opportunity to get to know my client, her style, and her likes and dislikes. I do a thorough consultation, we look at inspiration photos and discuss the overall look of the wedding. I assess her skin and make skin care recommendations to help her look her best on her wedding day. Then the best part, we play with make-up! I take everything step by step, tweaking as we go along to create the perfect bridal look.

Photo by Rachel Joyce Photography at Titanic Hotel Liverpool

Brides Should Look Like They Are Glowing From Within

Colour choices do depend on the bride’s tastes and preferences. However, I like to use colours that will make the bride’s eyes really pop so that they look amazing in their wedding photos. I layer products to make the skin look radiant, fresh and beautiful. It is important not to go too matte with your makeup, or else your skin will look very flat on your wedding photos. Knowing the correct products to achieve this is key to being a successful wedding make-up artist. Using products that are designed for long wear and are photo friendly is super important for wedding make-up.

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The Perfect Products for the Job

Did you know that certain ingredients in make-up or skin care don’t photograph well? Some types of sun screens or other additives can make the skin look pale or ashy in photos. Also certain “HD” products look great in person, but flashback as bright white under flash photography. Of course, I only use cruelty-free and vegan makeup. As a professional make-up artist I am knowledgeable about products, ingredients, and how to use these things in photo-friendly ways. My job is to make you look amazing in every light, every photo, and from every angle!

Photo by Emma Hiller Photography at Everyman Theatre Liverpool

As you can see, there is a lot more involved with wedding make-up than there is with a night out look. The trial ensures that we create the perfect wedding makeup and hair look for you. The photo-friendly products I use will make sure you look flawless from the time you walk down the aisle until your night is over. You will look perfect in photos and also face to face. I hope this has been an interesting read! Feel free to contact me with any questions about your wedding hair and makeup in Liverpool. Or leave a comment below, on my Instagram, or on my Facebook page!

Photo by SandS Photography