makeup brushes

 “WOW, that’s a lot of brushes!”

This is what I hear every time I do makeup. And yes, I have many, many, many makeup brushes. I have powder brushes, eyeliner brushes, foundation brushes, blending brushes, every kind of brush you can think of. Some of my brushes are over 10 years old too, a testament to buying quality brushes and taking good care of them.

You may be wondering why I need dozens and dozens of brushes. The reason is simple: good sanitation and hygiene practices that will protect you from catching anything gross, or COVID, or a cold, etc. 

Liverpool MUA Vicky King Glamorama Makeup applying makeup on a client
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You see, once I use a brush on your face, I will not use it on anyone else until it is washed with soap and water. In these pandemic times we are living in, spot cleaning is not enough. I use a set of brushes on one person, then they are put in a bag to be washed. It is a lot of brush washing! Luckily, my kiddo will wash them for me (he charges me reasonable rates haha!). 

If you see a MUA reusing brushes on people, either in the real world or on the internet, know that it is a risky behaviour and not good practice. If their brushes appear to have makeup on them, do not allow them to use them on you. Brushes should be washed thoroughly with soap and water between uses. Using a spot cleaning technique with a bottled or spray brush cleanser is really not enough to kill any germs that might linger on brushes. Only soap and water has been shown to rid brushes of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.

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I like to use sponges to apply certain products such as primers and cream blushers. I always use a fresh non-latex wedge for each client. I never reuse these, I gift it to my client at the end of the service or bin it. I just don’t think that you can sanitise a porous object such as a sponge or beauty blender, and it makes it unsafe to share between clients due to the risk of passing on bacterias and viruses. Beauty blenders are fine for personal use. The thick, dense texture and shape of them makes me question just how clean you can get them between uses though, and I don’t think it is wise to use them on multiple people. If you see a sponge being used on multiple people, or if it looks stained with makeup, do not let it near your face!

makeup sponges

These best practices apply to beauty services too. Facial sponges are another example. When I perform a facial on a client, I use cellulose based facial sponges. I will give these to my client at the end of their service, again because I personally don’t think you can sanitise a sponge. I would never want to put you at risk of catching something from one of my treatments. Nail files are another porous object that cannot be thoroughly sanitised. I only use a file on one client, and then they take it home with them following their nail treatments. When you have a lash treatment with me, you will take home the spoolie that I used on you too! You get a freebie with your treatment, and you can rest assured knowing that I am using new, clean tools for you for every service.

facial sponges

What else do I do to protect you from cross-infection? 

After every makeup, I wipe down my products using Dettol wipes and spray my powder products with 70% isopropyl alcohol which penetrates and kills viruses and bacteria surfaces. You will see me using a palette and a spatula to decant products so that I am not double dipping into a container. I also use disposable mascara spoolies and lip applicators (with bamboo handles that are biodegradable and sustainable) to also avoid contamination. MUAs on Tik Tok, You Tube, and Insta are the worst for using mascaras and lip products straight from the tube onto a model’s face. My stainless steel beauty tools for nails, lashes, and brows are sanitised using Mundo Rapid Disinfectant, which kills most microorganisms within 5 minutes. I use antibacterial and antiviral cleaning spray to wipe down surfaces and my bed following every treatment and always put down fresh bedroll. 

nail desk Glamorama Makeup at Kathryn Kavanagh Salon in Liverpool
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My clients are incredibly important to me, and I want to keep you all happy and healthy! You can book with confidence knowing that I always follow best practices when it comes to sanitation and hygiene. Clean brushes, clean tools, happy life. 

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