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Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Booking with Glamorama Makeup

Before booking with us, please take a minute to read the following:

  1. Reservations and Deposits – Bookings are only reserved when the non-refundable booking fee is paid as indicated on the quote/invoice. We cannot hold your booking without this payment.
  2. Incorrect Bookings –  Occasion makeup and/or hair means that the services are being provided for a night out, special event, prom, or other party type occasion. Wedding makeup and/or hair means services provided for bride(s), bridesmaid(s), or mothers of the bride(s) or groom(s). If the booking is made incorrectly i.e. a bride booking in for a special occasion makeup, the artist(s) reserve the right to refuse service and your non-refundable booking fee will not be returned.  If you have any questions about this, please email Vicky hello@glamoramamakeup.com
  3. Timing – We ask that you arrive ready to go at the time of the appointment. Timing is everything to make sure we stay on time for our clients. If you are having hair styling, please have clean dry hair ready for styling. Please have a clean face with no makeup, ready for us to work our magic!
  4. Sanitation and Hygiene – We require access to a sink and hand soap to wash our hands before and after each service. Depending on government regulations, artists may wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including, but not limited to, face masks, face shields, gloves, and aprons. Artists will need to sanitise their kit and work area between clients, so this additional time needs to be considered when booking.
  5. COVID-19 precautions – In addition to artists wearing PPE and performing additional sanitation, we insist that only the person having services performed on them be in the room with our MUAs at any time. You cannot bring children or additional people to your appointments. If you see this as being an issue, please notify me by email hello@glamoramamakeup.com . 
  6. Contracts – Weddings and group bookings require the client to sign a contract/booking agreement which contains further Ts & Cs
  7. Acceptance – Payment of your non-refundable booking fee is your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Thank you!

Vegan Makeup Artist and Beauty in Liverpool - Glamorama Makeup

Vegan Makeup Artist and Beauty in Liverpool - Glamorama Makeup