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NEW! Intense Brows Hybrid Brow Treatment

If you’re someone who struggles with filling in your eyebrows every morning or simply wants a bolder and […]

The 7 Benefits of Having a Manicure

When did you last have a manicure? Not just a file and polish, but the full works? Soak, […]

Why book a professional wedding makeup artist?

Think about your wedding day, one of the most special days of your life. You’ve chosen the perfect [...]

Wedding Makeup – Why is it Different from Normal Makeup?

Photo by Lucy Hannah Photography at Liverpool Town Hall A question that is often asked is why wedding […]

Hottest Nail Trend 2022 – BIAB Nails in Liverpool at Glamorama Makeup

BIAB nails in Liverpool are the latest trend in gel nails! I am really excited to offer this […]

Nail Rehab Treatment – 8 week rehabilitation programme for nail biting or damaged nails

Is my new nail rehab treatment for you? Our nails are often overlooked even though we do so […]

It’s Spooky Season! Time for Halloween Makeup in Liverpool

It’s October!!! And that means it is Spooky Season, Halloween is just a few weeks away. This is […]

WOW! Check out my new bathroom and my favourite products in it

Something very, very exciting has happened at Chez Glamorama…. I have a brand new beautiful bathroom! This has […]

Why do I have so many makeup brushes?

 “WOW, that’s a lot of brushes!” This is what I hear every time I do makeup. And yes, […]

You’re engaged, now what? Liverpool Wedding Planning – My Expert Advice

You’ve gotten engaged and are having a Liverpool wedding, now what?  First of all – HUGE congratulations! You are engaged! That’s […]